Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, moving didn’t suck quite as bad this time. We did finalize our temporary move on my birthday (June 2). I worked up until almost quitting time on June 1 and then we headed out. We got here, even further into the midwest, around 8 pm. We got in, our bed set up, and got … [Read more…]


I guess there’s not much point in thinking if I say something I’ll jinx it, I’m already jinxed. My brain is completely shut down right about now. Not even sure why, it’s the middle of the afternoon and I had plenty of sleep plus a nap this morning. But the moving saga begins. I had … [Read more…]


I’d like to take this time to apologize for my incessant whining. It’s unnecessary. Feels good, I’ll admit. Hope you’ll all still read me even though I’m being cranky.

The Last Time We Moved

August of 2004 UHaul that didn’t want to idle. Means: you can’t move it without jamming on the gas and if you stop, it dies. Good luck backing up to the house. Give up and leave it hanging a bit but think it will be okay. Loading things: we did it one piece at a … [Read more…]

Little Meeces?

It didn’t mean as much to me when my boss had her baby last week as when my girlfriends had theirs (so jealous!) but then I had to put up with her craziness & repeat over and over to myself every day “she’s pregnant, it’s the hormones” and ignore a lot of idiosyncrasies that would … [Read more…]

CR, IA Bound?!?

Hi all, Just wondered if you had any “calm down” advice for me. After an interview with another company on Friday, I think Mr. Mouse is going to accept a job in CR. The only problems I see with this are #1 we don’t currently have 2 reliable long-distance vehicles and #2 CR is a … [Read more…]

Oh a hunting we will go…

Hi readers, Just wanted to check in and let you know that despite my long absences, I am still here and doing well. We are just now through with finals and that means interview time. We leave when I get off work and head to Cedar Rapids, where Mr. Mouse will interview hopefully for a … [Read more…]

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse’s new house?

Hmmm. May be moving in a different direction than we thought. Mr. Mouse has been contacted several times from a company out of Iowa and they want him to go visit and see if he wants a job with them. They know he doesn’t have experience and they’re okay with that. What?!? Anyway, I have … [Read more…]

Two left feet

I feel like I have 2 left feet this morning. I’m up waaay too early, but I had a procedure done on my left foot yesterday, and when you sleep on the right side of the bed, it’s hard to keep your left foot out of harms way. I have to walk across campus today … [Read more…]