KtJrdn asked me the following questions:
1. If money were no object, would you have a job? What would you do?

I would probably have a part time job, or volunteer in the community. I can’t do enough of that now because we’re so wrapped up in what we have going on at the present moment. I […]

Biding Time


Hi all my loyal readers! Sorry I’ve been so late in getting another post up, basically I’ve been biding time. Mr. Mouse DID get into grad school, YEAH! Good for him. For now I’m stuck working, which I guess it could be worse. Now, though, I’m going to push for an upgrade and a big […]

More food thoughts…


Things that taste horrible: blue cheese, most fish, most green vegetables.
Best way to have a hamburger: With velveeta, bacon, dill pickle, kechup, mustard.Alternative: With pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.Alternative: pork burger with provolone only.Alternative: In “horseshoe” style smothered with cheese and french fries.
Pizza must have: Thick red sauce, cheese, a meat of some […]

The Weekend in Review


Yes, dear Reader, because there’s only one of you…

Mr. Mouse will be heading to the big city of St. Louis for an internship this summer, provided all other minutiae of life decisions works out the way we want it to. He studied really hard for his drug test (ha ha) and background checks are already […]

Deadpan comedy is best


Background: Detective Raines is visited by the ghost of a murder victim, when he solves her murder, she disappears. Scene: Graveyard in late afternoon. The set up: Detective Raines has been talking to his recently dead partner’s ghost, trying to figure out why he keeps hanging around him–and his partner wants to know why he’s […]