Mr. and Mrs. Mouse’s new house?

Hmmm. May be moving in a different direction than we thought. Mr. Mouse has been contacted several times from a company out of Iowa and they want him to go visit and see if he wants a job with them. They know he doesn’t have experience and they’re okay with that. What?!? Anyway, I have no idea how much money it will take for us to get established. I want him to ask for plenty in case I need to settle down and have a couple lil’ meeces running around one of these days. I had bad luck trying to find some land to buy, but he found some so I guess I was looking at bad real-estate websites. Anyway, it would definitely be a new adventure for us. I just want him to be happy and this place seems to like him a lot and all they’ve done is talk to him on the phone. I would kind of like to go with him to see what this place is like, but I imagine it can’ t be much different from where we are now. The general temps seem to be the same and we do have a friend that lives nearby so that would be nice. Hopefully there’s not too much snowfall. It would be probably about 4 hours from our respective families, so that’s not too bad, and it is a town about the same size as KtJrdn lives in. We would want to be outside of town, of course, but in general we’ve been told the commute is not bad and it takes about 20 minutes to get across town. Sometimes it can take that long where we are now and it’s a much smaller community. We shall see. More updates about that when I have them.

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