Hip hop language

Because i’m not working right now, I have time to watch tv. This is a blessing and a curse. However, I did see part 2 of a dialogue series that included some of the older hip hop artists as well as some other people that I have no idea who they are. Anyway, the point … [Read more…]

poor foot

you know i thought that 99% of my troubles with the feet were over with.And tonight, my husband had his steel toed size 12 boots on, and low and beholdwe both turn around at the same time and my toenail gets smacked onto his steel toes.I hobble to a chair, and my toenail on the … [Read more…]

Kraft deli creations

Well hey I tried the kraft deli creations sandwich that you microwave and have a hot sandwich. If you know someone who does the fast food thing to get something hot, and want to lower their fat intake or stem some bad habits, but they’re not willing to go to too much trouble or take … [Read more…]

car seats

I saw an ad (emailed to me from BabyCenter.com) for a Britax car seat. It’s quite expensive ($250 or so) and is supposed to work for babies and kids 5lbs to 65lbs, so that would take you from newborn to almost out of a booster seat. Almost all of the reviews that I read were … [Read more…]

job possibility

Just 2 weeks of vacation-like atmosphere and I have a 2nd interview, this one at the place of business on Friday morning. It’s good in a way because I’d probably eat my way through the cabinet if I sat here all the time, but I’m nervous. This is the type of job I would really … [Read more…]

gendered clothing, blankets, etc

the only things i’ve seen have been clothes, toys, blankets, etc. and you can BARELY ever find anything other than pink or blue. all pastels. very rarely, and now walmart carters i think carries some yellow and green. if/when we have a baby, i dont want to find out the sex/gender beforehand AND i dont … [Read more…]

Cranky person

you know, right now i’m a pretty cranky person. When we walked through our new apartment, it was totally clean, no apparent issues. We have had to do some minor things that weren’t a big deal, replacing soft squishy toilet seats that had apparently been cleaned and then put down, which made them MOLD! Seats … [Read more…]


Whew. When Mr. Mouse got home, he extended the couch, asked me to go for a flashlight, and said, oh, never mind! And he found it. I burst into tears. Umm. I ran out of birth control pills since we moved and don’t have another doctor yet. I certainly hope the tears thing doesnt go … [Read more…]

lost earring

any clues on how to find a lost earring? usually i just get to ground level and look for the shinyness, but i dropped it sitting on the couch and its teeny tiny. i have no idea where it went, if it bounced, fell into the sofa cushions, or what. it’s one of a pair … [Read more…]

Moving twice in 2 weeks sucks

Yes, i know, everything seems to suck these days, but moving 2 times in 2 weeks is definitely one of them. We just got everything put down, the bed put together, etc. and we’re working on getting all of our services hooked up. right now we’re connected via someone’s wireless somehow, but we are getting … [Read more…]