The Last Time We Moved

August of 2004

UHaul that didn’t want to idle. Means: you can’t move it without jamming on the gas and if you stop, it dies. Good luck backing up to the house. Give up and leave it hanging a bit but think it will be okay.

Loading things: we did it one piece at a time, through a misting rain that made it just uncomfortable to move quickly when you weren’t laden with boxes. The ramp got awful slick with rain and dirt from our shoes. Only 2 of us to move. I’m a weakling. Takes forever.

Tow Dolly: don’t try and move a 77 Bronco with big tires with a Tow Dolly. Try one way and it doesnt work. Then Plan B: When you get it ramped up over the “ramp” it will fall down and catch the dolly in between the tires. Stuck. So you have to call 3 tow trucks, 2 of which laugh and say they can’t help you, and one who sits and laughs and laughs while getting it hauled up onto there straight. Plan B Sucks.

Forgot to take my bc pill the night before and had to “start” and nothing for panty protection since it was boxed up elsewhere.

Washer and dryer along with other things loaded up to go to parents’ house. Including full used-oil container. White washer and dryer. Covered with used motor oil due to container coming undone. Fell, sat and stared at it and laughed instead of crying. Got out Formula 409 and cleaned it up.

Got stuff moved into apartment. Lived there for 3 years, moving again. Sigh. Got any 409? And Plan B still sucks!

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