CR, IA Bound?!?

Hi all,

Just wondered if you had any “calm down” advice for me. After an interview with another company on Friday, I think Mr. Mouse is going to accept a job in CR. The only problems I see with this are #1 we don’t currently have 2 reliable long-distance vehicles and #2 CR is a big city and the thought of driving in it to get to a job interview (have to work in same area if only one car) with him at work in a brand new city during rush hour is beyond me. I hate driving, especially in more traffic than 2 lanes. I know, its sucky, but what I can I say, it “paranoys” me. I know, stupid quoted word, anyway, those are my big concerns. I am flat out scared of having to drive in that by myself. I get nervous in towns of 20,000 with turn lanes, how am I ever going to handle getting a job where I have to get to work on a freeway, and then, if not, how to get to doctor’s appointments if we #1 share a vehicle and #2 if I have no idea about the city or how to drive around it! Ahhhh! This will be the deal, prolly, if we go there its time to mak-a-da-babies because I’m fast closing in on 30 and it scares me to pieces thinking about having kids over 35. Help me!

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  1. Here’s a thought. Public transportation. He can drive you to a bus stop that goes where you want and you can ride around that way?

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