DIY Pirate Costume under $10- no sew!

Posted October 21, 2014 By Jill
no sew diy pirate costume

no sew diy pirate costume

You can easily throw together a DIY pirate costume for one (or more!) kids in under 10 minutes! For under $10!


Made for less than $7!

Made for less than $7!



There are 10 things that I love about a DIY Halloween costume:

    1.  You can use items that you already have!
    2. You can re-use these items for a dress-up trunk or switch it up for another use.
    3. They’re a throwback to ‘old’ Halloween costumes!
    4. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when you get it done and can say “Yes, I DIY’d it!”
    5. You can make them car-seat friendly!
    6. Adjust to your child’s age or comfort level.
    7. Add in your child’s favorite colors, a tutu, an accessory to customize!
    8. Originality. Not a carbon copy of your neighbor!
    9. Kids are more invested because they help put it together.
    10. Keep it simple and keep the cost DOWN!










Borrow/Buy/DIY these items for a great costume!

  1. Bandana- $1 or FREE from your house–this is a great way to gain attention, you can use it to start a theme, bring in color, or just hide the fact your kid needs a haircut! If tied correctly it won’t fall off or blow off in the wind like a costume hat would. Use it later for a cloth napkin, or hankie.
  2. Shirt- FREE–think blue and white stripes, solid black, dad’s button down, etc.
  3. Decal- $0.97–this particular one is supposed to be glued on, but you can also pin, stitch, tape, find an iron-on decal (great way to pull in glitter/shine) or opt out of this and go for the good old eye patch (‘arr matey)!
  4. Sash- FREE–use a tie, infinity scarf, ribbon, or belt. This is a good place to bring in color, texture and pattern.
  5. Tutu- $4.97 from Halloween section, less DIY or free from your dress-up trunk.
  6. Pants or tights- Free. Leggings or tights will work well to tuck inside boots. If you’re wearing flat shoes, anything goes!
  7. Shoes- Free. Whatever you have. You can certainly snazz them up with buckles, for shine. Just make sure that they’re comfortable if you’ll be walking any distance.
  8. Treat bag- We got pirate buckets from the take out place the other day (kids meals inside!) I consider this ‘free’. You could also turn a re-usable shopping bag inside out or use an old plastic pumpkin. Check the end of the post for a way to make your treat container ‘glow’!





Putting it together

Most things you probably already have in your house, or could beg/borrow/thrift for practically nothing. Use a simple internet search of ‘pirate’ to get some ideas. This will help you pick out your base clothing items from what you currently have. You can DIY some stripes on a blue shirt with washi tape, blacken a tooth, draw on a mustache, or whatever, but just be sure that you (and your kids) are comfortable in whatever you use. You don’t want to be carrying a sword, a treat bucket, and a jacket for each child as you walk along! Go with the weather where you live to figure out what you’ll use for your costume, as well. While you could be a particular pirate, I think being just a plain ‘character’ without tying it to a TV show, movie, or book is more fun!

It’s all in the details!!

For any good outfit, you want 4 things: COLOR, PATTERN, TEXTURE, AND SHINE!–Both of my pirates happen to be girls, so we added the tutu just for fun, but you can use a men’s button down shirt, use a tie as a sash at the waist over a pair of pants, add some shoes and done, even faster and less expensive than this! You could also fray an old men’s tee shirt to give it a ‘seafaring’ look. You could put a parrot on your shoulder, etc. if you’re going to a party or want something to ‘jazz’ it up. We opted to stay away from eye patches for them, simply because they need both eyes to see, but if you’d rather do that than the shirt decal, it’s all about the same. Check out the party department of your local megamart– I found 10 patches for $2 in the goodie bag section– whereas a costume one was $2+ at a similar store (and out of stock!) You can easily make each costume for less than the ones at the store, and then of course you have all the materials back again for later use!


Avast ye mateys! Arr!

 Want more?

DIY CAT COSTUME (based off of a sweatshirt- pin for later!)



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Welcome to the third and final part of the series on Rock-A-Bums diapers!


Have you read Part 1 of this series introducing Rock A Bums? If you want, pin it for later!

Have you read Part 2 of this series talking about using them from birth, even in the hospital? Pin it for later!


Great! Now that you’re caught up…. here’s part 3! I’ve been using Rock-A-Bums for 10 months now. That’s a LONG time for a review! I was sent 3 diapers to use and review, along with 6 inserts. They have also generously offered to send a diaper with 2 inserts to one of my readers! Stay tuned for the Giveaway below and see some action shots of a real baby (mine!) in Rock-A-Bums.

Rockabums 5 in 1

Rock-A-Bums 5 in 1- upside down!

Pin it!

Diaper Overview

 Rock-A-Bums prides themselves on being a 5-in-1 rock star worthy diaper! How do you get 5 in 1 you ask?

Check out their explanation here! The only way I did not use this was as a hybrid/disposable option.

I did use it in the other 4 configurations with good results! My favorite is the pocket diaper (stuffed, not snapped!) like is shown in the blurry action shot below!

Rockabums 5 in 1 as pocket diaper

Action shot used as pocket diaper

Rise Options and Diaper Bag Hints

There are several different rise options, the lowest fitting a large newborn with ease, and snaps on either end allowing for full coverage used with 2 inserts.
This was one of my favorite ways to use it as a newborn, as well, with one insert in, and one out of the pocket.

In this configuration, a newborn ‘oops’ that doesn’t go all the way through the top insert can easily be snapped off.

Perfect for ‘on the go’ in the diaper bag! The inside layer if dry serves as a back-up.

Just keep going. OR… snap a new insert on top.. and go!

Rolling velcro

Second rise setting

Overall Impression

Overall I’m impressed with this diaper. It has never leaked when used correctly. With 2 inserts in, it’s held a super soaking amount of pee.

The inside of the white diaper (shown below) is a little pilly, I think from debris from other diapers–it is hung to dry as my dryer eats snaps.

Otherwise it looks brand new.

The inside of the other 2 diapers (red, black) are still clean and sharp looking.

There is a bit of lint gathering around the Velcro, but the elastics are holding strong, despite a lot of use.

This is one diaper I will reach for if I know we will be gone for a while during the day.

My husband also likes these.

After 10 months, no microfiber stink.

Rock A Bums in Red

Rock-A-Bums in Red – Newborn Setting

White Rock a Bums

White Rock-A-Bums on newborn ‘model’

Snap Rock-A-Bums used as an emergency diaper cover

Snap Rock-A-Bums used as an emergency diaper cover

Emergency Cover

I was lucky to get the action shot above.

I was out of my regular covers and didn’t have any diapers stuffed, so I grabbed a small flat, wrapped it around with a snappi and toted the baby across the house to the laundry basket.

I may have squealed with joy when I spied this on top, and snapped the cover on.

It did the job and kept the floor dry until I could stuff the diapers and get them put away!

RAB to the rescue!

Comparison of Rock-A-Bums Closures

Comparison of snaps with velcro

Comparison of snaps with Velcro


Shortened length due to rolling Velcro


Velcro pulled to straighten, re-curls



 If I impart nothing else with this post, I want to show the difference in the 2 closure options.

 I’ve found that the snap diaper stays smoother on baby’s tummy, as the Velcro rolls with extended use, and even when pulled out flat, it will roll back up when placed on baby, and can be irritating to sensitive skin.

For the long haul, if I was to make a purchase, I would choose snaps.





 Check out the prints below. Winner gets their choice of color/print and closure.
I know I would choose the wildly colored Zanadu in snaps, how about you?





Ready to win?


Be sure to read each entry carefully. Commenting and tweeting are available daily, but be sure to follow the instructions!


Disclosure: This  is the third and final installment in a series of posts dedicated to reviewing this diaper. Rock-a-bums sent me 3 diapers at no cost for review. Another diaper and set of inserts is being provided for giveaway purposes. I was not compensated otherwise for this or the previous posts. All opinions are my own and not influenced by the sponsor/manufacturer. As always, this is my blog and I tell you the truth. My humble way of saying, the opinions are my own, and may differ from yours, so use your best judgement in every purchase decision you make–wise in these economic times, right?


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Dawn as a diaper de-greaser

Posted October 8, 2014 By Jill
dawn as a laundry aide

dawn as a laundry aide

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Taco Soup Recipe

Posted October 6, 2014 By Jill

 I have the perfect recipe for you. What category do you fit in? I bet you can find yourself here! Don’t forget to pin it for later!


 Tired of Taco Tuesday? Need a new dish to add to your menu plan?

This is a great pick me up for when you get bored of the same old thing. You’ve had tacos all summer and need a refresh for colder months, right? Taco soup is one of the recipes I stole from a co-worker when I was a young adult. Potlucks rock, don’t they? Most people are willing to share their recipes if you ask, and I did! I’m so glad, too! This recipe is one that you can add and subtract from to customize to your favorite ingredients and toppings, yes, this isn’t a boring old can of soup you heat up, but a warm, protein and veggie filled meal that you control! You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry! Feel free to mix and match as your pantry dictates. Only have frozen corn? That’s okay! Ground turkey? Fine. Like extra tomato? Use a can of Rotel instead of plain chiles, and you’ll get that infused chile liquid, too! Don’t want the heat? Skip the chiles and have a milder soup! Adapt it to your taste!


Got picky eaters? Need more veggies?

There’s nothing like a family favorite to sneak veggies into your kids. They don’t know it’s healthy! This soup would remind you strongly of chili (and would be a great way to introduce it to your kids as ‘like chili but tastes like tacos!’) Who can resist tacos? Plus you can add all your favorite taco toppings to the table and it’s real DIY event–eat it plain or with anything you like on top! Kid doesn’t like broth-heavy soups? Use a slotted spoon to get a more chunky or ‘scoopable’ soup! What kid doesn’t love using a chip to dip?


Baby on the way? Need a freezer meal?

This is a great post-partum meal, too! It’s easy to freeze and thaws beautifully on the stove top while you care for your little one. This is so fast, though, that whether you incorporate canned, fresh, or fresh-frozen garden produce, it’s going to be a hit! Take it from supermarket, garden or farmer’s market to the table in no time! For information about how to freeze the last of those tomatoes for use in soups this winter, click this pin for later: How to freeze fresh tomatoes.


On the go?

This is great for a winter warm-up meal, can stay on a low simmer on the stove for rushing teens between band practice and sports, or take a quick zap in the microwave at the office. Toss it in a crock-pot, too, and take it to a family reunion, work function, or leave it on warm for when you get home for dinner!



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What’s that on your cape?

Posted October 2, 2014 By Jill


Some days I wish I could just hand in my mom cape, rule enforcement badge, and just settle in with a book, a cup of hot tea and a blanket. I want to hide. Remember when you could do that? Hit that important reset button on your mind, body and soul?  Some peace and quiet?


Yesterday I heard ‘oh did you throw up AGAIN?–Jill can I have a rag?’ ‘Moo-oom we’re out of toilet paper!’ ‘I wasn’t fighting, the other kid lied.’ The noise of all the things that a parent has to deal with is deafening. Kids don’t have a volume button. Somehow that important thing was left out, be it via evolution or intelligent design– I won’t try and force my beliefs on you. Either way–a parent should just be able to turn down the VOLUME now and again! Needless to say, my mom cape is fairly dirty with three kids. It rarely gets a break from near constant use. You wouldn’t believe what is all over this thing. I never have a time to throw it in the machine and give it a good refresh and reset to sparkling new. The fabric never gets to breathe. It’s ground in, wiped on, dried off, stomped on, and smeared with any number of things that just never get quite clean anymore. It’s damp and heavy and smells sort of weird.


All mom capes are different. Depending on the number of kids you have, the amount of time you’ve been at the gig, boys, girls, your emotional state, financial state, illness or health of anyone in your immediate or extended family, deaths, faith or lack thereof, are there kids in your home? Is your spouse with you, traveling, away all the time, does it bother your kids, make them act up? Act out? Shout? Are they tired? Wired? Did someone give them sugar? Right before you need to take them somewhere? Are they just in a bad mood? Are you? What’s YOUR mom cape smeared with? When’s the last time you got a good…refresh?


Mom capes are different.

Mom capes are different.


Before you judge that mother, you know the one I mean. She’s in the supermarket, on the internet, in your church pew or play group. Her kids are running wild, giggling like mad. She’s sighing. She’s whisper-shouting while pulling the bag of chips (she feeds her kids THAT?) out of the baby’s mouth and says ‘no’, for the 5th time now. She looks like she’s going to lose it. In fact, was that her baby crying earlier? Humph. I see tears. They’re bouncing in the pews. Arguing over crayons. She’s complaining about her kids online. AGAIN. Doesn’t she know how lucky she is? Why won’t she take my un-asked for advice when she’s venting? I have the answer! Why does she breastfeed her baby in playgroup? Can’t she just pump a bottle and NOT do that in the library? My angels NEVER act like that!


Maybe she dealt with antsy kids at a funeral, her husband’s tears, arguments over leaving the house, spilled food, sick kids, shoving, screaming, exhaustion from not sleeping. In one day. Maybe her best day is akin to your worst–ever.


Before you judge her, consider what her mom cape is smeared with.

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When I’m asked to provide a description of myself, I always say that I’m ‘just this side of crunchy’ because we do things like drive gas guzzlers and buy pre-packaged food when we are feeling lazy. But we also grow a garden, use cloth diapers, napkins, rely heavily on hand-me-downs, and recycle nearly everything that WOULD go in our trash. In short, we’re pretty green. We even like to make Irish stew with green noodles. We love green!


Green is great!

Green is great!


Yes, I’m in favor of all things ‘green’-even if we don’t do some of it ourselves! I love that there’s a place that gathers all the newest, greenest items that actually work! Green Team Distribution generously sent me a set of natural child care products from Hip Peas to try out and share with you! Learn more about this amazing set of people at their blog here: Green Team Distribution. I love how they support small businesses, green products, and in general ‘awesome’ things!


The two products we were sent were detangler and bodywash/shampoo.  I was most interested in 1. how they compared to our current products and 2. if what was important to my family was met by the product (including picky kids!) Let’s get to it!


The first product we tried was the Hair Detangler.


First of all, it was a lesson for my 5 year old into what a hippie was! That was priceless in itself! She has just learned about puns and really loves them, so I was really happy to share that little gem with her! It also opened the conversation about natural products and using more natural cleaners and soaps, something I’ve dabbled in before but have not been able to totally immerse myself! This is a great product to ‘green’ your little one’s routine, without committing to a huge product change.


We used this on all 3 kids: the 5 year old with wavy hair (both long and after it was cut to shoulder length), the 3 year old (wispy fly away), and the baby’s- wavy-ish as it is coming in and sticking up everywhere! Here’s how it worked on all of them!

Natural hair detangler

Natural hair detangler


Wavy, longer hair

For the 5 year old, it immediately took tangles out, both in longer and shorter hair. Since her hair’s texture is kind of strange (it can never make up its’ mind what it wants to be from day to day)– it was a blessing to have something I wasn’t afraid to spray in her face! She always complained when other stuff got on her skin, but she’s not said anything about this other than, can you spray my hair please? She’s taken on a lot more responsibility for her newly shorn locks and for a busy mom of 3, that is a Godsend! She loves the scent and oohs and ahhs over it. Win!

“Mommy, I don’t like the other stuff anymore, I only want Hip Peas”- K, age 5

Wispy, fly away hair

The 3 year old rarely has tangles, but she does have a lot of flyaways and the detangler works more like a way to get it to calm down so I can make sure it all gets brushed at once, otherwise it’s floating away! It allows for easy grasping of those fine hairs that get in her face and makes it simple to throw a barrette or tiny ponytail in her bangs so she can see!

“Mmm, that’s smells dee-licious”-B, age 3

Baby Bed-Head

The baby got spritzed the other morning by my husband, and then he simply plastered her hair (which was sticking up in odd places) down with his hand. It worked! It looked smooth for church! I felt fine with spraying it on her hair and didn’t worry about chemicals being inhaled!

“That actually smells really good”- husband

So to answer my queries: 1. This compares favorably to our current product, in fact, I think it may be better! and 2. Obviously, the kids love it!  As you can see, all of us are Hip Peas converts! Overall we really like this product and I think we’ll be buying more as soon as this container is empty! Everyone loves it and it works really well. The kids are crazy about the scent and I’m really impressed with how well it works! How would you like to try it yourself? Sound good? Stay tuned, you’ll have a chance to win some in a minute, but first check out the other product we reviewed!


Next we tried the Shampoo and Body Wash.

natural body wash and shampoo!

natural body wash and shampoo!


I was kind of skeptical, I’ve used a natural shampoo before, and it didn’t make the kids’ hair clean at all! This one took out dirt (yes even my girls throw dirt in their hair!) It took out chlorine from swimming lessons (bye bye overly harsh chlorine removing shampoo!) It took out everyday grease and grime. It makes a TON of foam with a generous squirt in your hand or on a washcloth. It doesn’t leave a lot of scent when you use it, it’s fairly light and I used it with few qualms on the baby who has eczema and flares up with every.single.thing.  I will have to watch her and make sure it doesn’t in the future, and the other kids had absolutely no issues. With ingredients like aloe, lavender, chamomile, and rosemary, you could probably even drink it and it wouldn’t hurt you –but I wouldn’t recommend it! I actually ran a bath upstairs for the kids last night, because that’s where the bottle of Hip Peas was– no kidding. When I saw it wasn’t in the downstairs bathroom, I changed my mind on where to bathe the kids– now that’s good stuff! The kids like to smell it and although I am NOT a blueberry fan at all, the scent of the shampoo is not overwhelming to me. The detangler is a bit more potent in the way of scent, but again, it doesn’t bother me and that’s a good thing!

1. This was more gentle and cleaned just as effectively as the chlorine stripping shampoo, but with fewer harsh chemicals. Definite win. 2. The kids love using it. I think they love the detangler more! We may use this in conjuction with other products, and perhaps use it after swimming to keep the kids’ hair soft and chlorine free!

Buy now!

My preferred retailer (affiliate link) is Kelly’s Closet. Click the link for: All Hip Peas Products

Enter to win now!

Now obviously you’re here to learn about the products, but also for the giveaway right? So let’s get to it! To enter to win the same two products from Hip Peas I reviewed (1 bottle detangler, 1 bottle shampoo and body wash) generously offered by GREEN TEAM DISTRIBUTION:


Disclosure: I was provided with 2 products to review, but was not compensated in any other way. As always, this is my blog and I tell you the truth. My humble way of saying, the opinions are my own, and may differ from yours, so use your best judgement in every purchase decision you make–wise in these economic times, right?

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B is 3!

Posted September 20, 2014 By Jill


Who says being a middle child is difficult? She’s big enough to be a big kid, smart enough to do her sister’s homework, and such a loveable caring child. She’s also hilarious. While she’s middle of the road in height (she finally passed the 3ft mark!) she’s at the 10%ile for weight. She and her 9 month old sister share clothes. *sigh* it’s really hard to sort them out, but eventually they do get to the correct place! She’s our tiny one!


She definitely has ‘favorite’ things. TV shows, movies, colors.. that are all her own. She’s more tomboy than her sister (hard to believe, but true) but still loves to be a princess, too. If you ask her how many she wants of something, she always says 5. Olives, carrots, it doesn’t matter. There’s not much she won’t eat (hot dogs are not her friend for some reason, but she does struggle through a bite or two politely if we ask), but her favorite really seems to be pb&j. Easy peasy. She’s used to just going along, so she does. Yes, her favorite animal is still her piggy. She thinks ‘he’ is pretty neat.



Did I mention loving? She almost smothers you with her love most of the time. Good, but.. you know. She’s starting to get a raging case of the 3’s, but we’re experienced now and it doesn’t really matter. Her temperament is also completely different from older sister, so she can at least be reasoned with from time to time. A big bonus for us! We’re going to have to teach her how to ask questions and NOT assume anything. The crying at the drop of a hat thing has got to end, and it barely started. Oh it’s so hard to be three! She’s started swimming lessons, and has her church club, and that’s a lot for her. Now she’s my big helper around the house. She has a willing spirit and smile at the ready most days. She definitely needs a nap, she’s bonkers without it, and zonks out in her car seat on trips still (whew) so that’s one less thing to worry about when we do things.


We’re re-learning letters and doing some pre-schooling at home.  Since she’s not reading and can’t handle computation on paper, we’re just practicing a little bit with a pencil, and doing some coloring, and a LOT of reading time while baby sister is napping or occupied with a ‘cookie’ aka those melt-away rice crackers. She loves looking at books, talking to herself to make up stories based on the pictures, or repeating them word for word. I feel a bit like I’ve been transported back 3 years to working with her sister on everything. She knows a lot, just not quite enough to put it all together, but it will fall into place soon enough. No rush. She’s definitely her own person and trying to figure out the independence thing one step at a time. Her imagination has always been really developed, and her memory for tunes and music is very high at this point. She follows along with the kid’s choir at church and has most of the Lord’s prayer memorized too, if she can sit still long enough for it. She also just sits down and draws pictures on her own and can tell you what they are.


She’s always been pretty close to my side, but lately daddy seems more her style. We’ll see as the months go by what happens with that. Since I’m home all day it doesn’t matter if she grabs onto daddy the minute he gets home! The only real concern is that she is clumsy as the day is long. She’s also an enormous copycat with zero sense of fear. None. Runs, climbs, etc.  She bunny hopped and smacked her head on the ground last night when we went for a walk. Gorgeous bruise right in the middle of her forehead. Lovely. Once her teeth stopped coming in and she quit having a mouth full of slobber, I think she became a little harder to understand. I have to have her repeat things a lot. It’s adorable though, I guess she’s lucky she’s so cute! Also that she has a great vocabulary.




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Cloth Diaper Reality TV

Posted September 18, 2014 By Jill





Thinking about drama in cloth diapers lately had me mentally flashing to shows like ‘real housewives’, etc. Although I don’t watch that much trash TV, I’ll admit to seeing who is or is not the father on Maury every now and again [makes me feel so much better!] Aside: Are there really THAT many people who don’t know ‘how it happens?’ Because. Health Class. What kind of reality show can you see happening that stems from cloth diapers?

1. Put moms in a house with only one washing machine and see who battles it out for machine time?

2. Blogger vs. Blogger? What kind of challenges and whom would you like to see pitted against whom?

3. WAHM sew diapers to try and get a prize that includes production of their diaper line?

4. Flash mob mayhem in person over much-adored prints by a certain manufacturer? *Limited Editions anyone?* Can you imagine the carnage?

5. Something else????


What am I forgetting? Which bloggers, manufacturers, or personas would you like to see involved in something like this?

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If you have big kids, do they help you pick diapers out for your baby?

Do they have a favorite?

Is it the same as yours?

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Fluffy Friday: Foxes & Fabulous Forest Friends

Posted September 12, 2014 By Jill

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

The last few years, owls have been ‘in’. During a conversation with my ‘invisible friend’ Mindy The Inquisitive Mom last year we discussed the possibility of foxes to be the ‘next big thing’! Looks like we were right! Which of these foxes is your favorite?

Outfoxed by Babykicks-first fox that triggered my thoughts on this subject!

Foxy! Photos from BK


Outfoxed by Babykicks-first fox that piqued my interest!


I remember thinking how this reminded me of coyotes instead– but spurred my desire to seek out fox prints, and now. Here.They.Come! One we actually have TWO of in our collection now!

Fox in spots newborn Tots Bots

Fox in spots newborn Tots Bots on Casey!

This was our first fox find! Sorry about the odd lighting, but I didn’t get a chance to look at the newborn pictures until– you guessed it, newborn diapers no longer fit! It’s gorgeous though, so….

Tots Bots, see more prints at

Tots Bots, see more prints at Kelly’s Closet

We had to get the one-size version. Tots Bots prints are so adorable, from animals to nursery rhymes! New, in binky (part bamboo, part minky, fluffy!)

I spy 2 new foxy foxy prints from rumparooz!

I spy 2 new foxy foxy prints from Rumparooz! Photo from Diapershops

Rumparooz are not my favorite diaper. But I would take either or BOTH! All my favorite colors! Loving this trend! Anyone want to outfox my hubby and talk him into one?

Better make it both…

Foxy Frolic pail liner from Planetwise

Foxy Frolic pail liner from Planetwise (stock photo)

Fox Trot Pail Liner from Planet Wise

Fox Trot Pail Liner from Planet Wise (stock photo)

We have the Fox Trot Pail Liner and love it!

Hipster Fox- complete with glasses! from Smartbottoms!

Hipster Fox- complete with glasses! from Smartbottoms! (SB facebook page)

I’ll be honest. I don’t know what hipster means– but it’s orange that’s a favorite around here, and we have foxes in our yard. And our baby is a redhead- no brainer!

Friendly Forest Raccoon (and Sheep) by Sweet Pea

Friendly Forest Raccoon (and Sheep) by Sweet Pea

 It’s about time something other than owls took the spotlight! Raccoons? Adorable! Plus, who doesn’t love a good counting sheep? Sweet dreams little ones!

Funky Fluff has some new forest friends

Funky Fluff has some new forest friends- FF Facebook page


You may have already seen this review of Imagine printed flats. Here’s a picture from my own stash:

Imagine flat, diaper bag fold.

Imagine “Tree Friends” flat, diaper bag fold.

What are your favorite diaper trends? Do you fancy foxes, only under the sea, or marvels of modern design?

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