Oh a hunting we will go…

Hi readers,

Just wanted to check in and let you know that despite my long absences, I am still here and doing well. We are just now through with finals and that means interview time. We leave when I get off work and head to Cedar Rapids, where Mr. Mouse will interview hopefully for a REALLY good paying job (that he loves)…and visit a realtor… and visit my friend Alissa (and hubby Nate) for dinner, etc.

We are excited and feeling insane at the same time. It will be a great adventure if we choose to embark on it, and at the same time it’s a little sad because we will be farther away from our families. Granted, they don’t come and see us, we go visit them, so it won’t be much different except we won’t be able to go back for church every weekend and we won’t be able to “see” the puppies grow up I guess, unless we visit a lot. Sure will be different not to have slobbery mouths licking at us 2 days a week. Guess that means we need our own dog if we move? Crazy!

And there there’s land/house hunting and figuring out a new place and finding me a job!?! And everything that goes with that. Some of it sounds really fun, some of it not. One day I’ll get around to telling you about the Last Time We Moved. Yuck!

And if not, I stay in the job that I’m in, umm Matthew goes to graduate school and we job hunt in 2 years or less. Clock is ticking, best get back to work, but wanted you all to have an update, since you keep yours up to date.

Btw, finals went well, I got an A, so hopefully that means an over all A, and Matthew said his went well, we shall see.

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