Two left feet

I feel like I have 2 left feet this morning. I’m up waaay too early, but I had a procedure done on my left foot yesterday, and when you sleep on the right side of the bed, it’s hard to keep your left foot out of harms way. I have to walk across campus today and I’m not looking forward to it. It’s going to hurt. I am probably also going to do a lot of sit on my butt and that’s it today. I’m interested to see what’s under the bandages. Pretty much they trimmed the sides of my big toenail down to keep them from infecting the rest of my toe. My toes get squished a lot in shoes and my toenails (did) cup under, so the minute they get squished, they cut into the sides of my toes. Enter foot-dirt and you get infection. I have been dealing with this for at least a decade and finally some relief. I had one side of my right foot done in January and it looks good and I can’t feel a thing. Glad it’s sandal season so I can let my feet breathe a little bit. I certainly hope this doesn’t hurt very much today. Note, I have been on some pretty hefty antibiotics, so if you thought I was crazy a few posts ago, blame it on the fact that my hormones were going crazy. Sorry 🙁

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