Closing Time Open All the Doors & Let You Out Into the World

Closing time, time for you to go out to the places you will be from…
Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…
Another chapter in our little meece lives is being closed, and another opened.
For the first time we will really be on our own, more than a comfy hour’s drive from family, definitely not doable for me alone. Moving into a strange city where I know no one but Mr. Mouse. I am a little nervous, but I think it will be worse saying goodbye to family. That is what we will have to do this weekend.

However, the new chapter should be exciting and challenging, and Mr. Mouse should be really happy. I have no idea what this means for me, a country mouse in a city. I think we will do this for about 3-5 years and then will move on to another job for Mr. Mouse. This starting out will give him the opportunity to get the experience he needs. Programmers are in high demand, especially with experience, and right now he has none. We are being treated well enough by the company, and once we’re on our own I hope it means I’ll grow a little more and not just make a nice hidey-nest in our apartment and never leave.

It also means there might be some sleepless nights ahead of us. I turn the big 2-8 next weekend and it’s closer to 30 than am happy with. I intended to have school all done with and several years of experience before I started a family, but circumstances have prevented me from it. I guess I don’t mind changing the plans, but I know how hard it’s going to be to try and help kids with homework while I am doing my own. It was hard enough to hold down a job and take one class, let alone wrestle a bunch of baby meeces into compliance while doing both. I guess I don’t really know what the future holds, but I know in some ways I’ve hit a dead end in this little maze. If I don’t begin attempting to have kids, I won’t have any because I’ll be too old, and that worries me too. Everyone else I know had kids young. As it is, I have no energy and all I do is go to work and take care of the house. How will I ever do it all?!? Lots of changes coming my way. Read the next post for more little meece pondering.

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