Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, moving didn’t suck quite as bad this time. We did finalize our temporary move on my birthday (June 2). I worked up until almost quitting time on June 1 and then we headed out. We got here, even further into the midwest, around 8 pm. We got in, our bed set up, and got fast food at about 10 pm. Sleeping (kind-of) adn then up early on my birthday and moved until 4:30 pm until everything was in. We wanted to take the U-Haul back, but couldn’t, the store was closed. Incidentally, we only had one minor malfunction on the trip up. One hook holding the Bronco down didn’t stay hooked. We had 2-way radios and I let the lead car know they were coming unhinged. Simple rehook and we were on our way. Back to the Saturday story: we found a papa murphy’s take and bake pizza (yum) for lunch and then after we were totally moved in, we grabbed groceries from a HyVee for breakfast and slapped on some deodorant to go to dinner with our friends from the area, Alissa and Nate, and their lil’ one Shelby. The food was good and company better. Crashed again and woke up to get the U-Haul back on Sunday morning. Problem, we got there at nine oh five, and by nine forty five, no owner there yet. Hmm. So we put the contract and keys in the drop box and left. Leftovers for lunch and a trip to Super Target and a jaunt around the area to see if we could find the place where I applied for a job. No such luck. Burgers and baked fries were dinner Sunday. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday reading, made roast and trimmings for Monday dinner–Matt went out to lunch with the cronies, so I was on my own. Oh yeah, and our air conditioning didnt get fixed until today. Plllbt. What fun! Last night I made chicken parmesan and pasta, tonight a marinated pork roast and pasta. Meanwhile I’ve been eating as much fruit as I can stand to try and stay healthy. Even though I’m not doing anything, I’m stressed out. I also made cake today. Mmm. Cake. Also, we ran down last night to look for apartments and haven’t found anything better than the condo for lease right down the road from our temporary housing, so.. we put down a deposit on this nice condo tonight. It’s only a short trip down the road, but it will be hell to move from the third floor of this place down the road to the 2 story condo. With garage. Yeah! Okay, I am doing some laundry because it’s piled up already from needing towels washed when we left, so I need to go check on the washer and get it in the dryer. See ya.

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