A redhead, blonde, and two brunettes

Beauregard Alan “Beau”
Black lab & Golden Retriever
Trek Illini Golden Retriever
Willie Black lab Cole Black lab
Puppies through the years… Beau came to us as “an accident”–the dog dug out, or into the pen and viola, puppies. Trek came via the Leader Dogs for the Blind Program in Detroit, MI. He passed all of his tests with flying colors, but had hip displaysia so he was not accepted into the program. Both were in the 4-H Program and went to the State Dog Show. They also learned new tricks, even as old dogs. Willie and Cole are the newbies. They arrived in May of 2006 on the farm. They currently weigh 67 and 73 pounds. Like the sages before them, they understand “outside” and have a tendency to be jealous and want everyone’s attention to themselves. Cole acts like Beau used to, he’s a big dog with a tendency to get into scraps (this week was the first skunk escapade) with other animals. Willie likes to lay on top of everyone. Trek used to do this a lot, up to his golden years, but only to me. He’d knock me over and then lay on me. They bring back fond memories and make their own.

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