Recycling effort I can get behind

The new Harry Potter book is going green. I think recycling efforts are great and that everyone should do what they can, especially if there is a program offered where you live. If there’s not and you can save some things up and transport them every once in a while to a place where you can recycle, that’s great too. We used to save old aluminum cans as kids and turn them in for cash. Usually you didn’t get a whole lot out of it, but it was fun nonetheless. Now it’s getting to be more of a necessity. If you take the time to separate it out, you’ll realize you have more recycleables than “real trash” most of the time. And, the more that’s recycled the more trees there are for clean air, and I like clean air. Also the fewer chemicals pre-processed out in the envrionment the better. I read on the web recently that there are those out there that promote “not” using toilet paper and I’m not sure that I can agree to that. I can’t get behind wiping my own behind. Maybe recycled toilet paper. But not none at all. Yuck.

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