KtJrdn asked me the following questions:

1. If money were no object, would you have a job? What would you do?

  • I would probably have a part time job, or volunteer in the community. I can’t do enough of that now because we’re so wrapped up in what we have going on at the present moment. I have a feeling when kids come along we’ll have a lot more to do.

2. Do you believe that everyone has one and only one soul mate?

  • Yes. I’m so glad I found mine! I think you can be compatible with other people, but the one you’re supposed to be with is out there.

3. When you use a towel to dry off after a shower, is it dirty or clean?

  • The towel is dirty. Even if you body is technically clean, you still have germs, bacteria, etc that get on the towel. Gross.

4. Nature or nurture?

  • If I had to pick I guess I would say nurture. I have never met a sibling pair that are so alike that it’s scary, so there’s no way nature can do it all. I have also known people with parents without the best pedigree, but since they were raised away from them, are nothing like their non-present parent.

5. If you could go back in time and influence your parents, would you have been an only child? 1 brother? a sister? younger or older?

  • I would have definitely had a sister. It was tough growing up just having my mom and no one else to talk to. It was difficult to live in a house full of boys. Especially if they’re more towards chauvanistic than not. It’s still difficult to be around them. I’ve had more education and some damn good experiences, but it’s never enough, I’ll always be considered less because I’m female, I wonder if I’d had a sister we could have made more of an influence together.

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