job possibility

Just 2 weeks of vacation-like atmosphere and I have a 2nd interview, this one at the place of business on Friday morning. It’s good in a way because I’d probably eat my way through the cabinet if I sat here all the time, but I’m nervous. This is the type of job I would really like, really want, but, well, I don’t have any experience per se in what the job entails. It makes me very happy to think I may get the job, but I am nervous all the same. I have driven there and back twice tonight so I can reasonably get there, I think, and we may do it again tomorrow night to see if I do any better. The problem with the time of night we are going is that it’s almost completely difficult to see without sunglasses, but almost sundown. Therefore it should be lighter traffic (9am) and the sun behind me, which should make it easier to see the turns. It’s about a 15 minute drive, which isn’t too bad. And if not, then, hey, I got called for a second interview on a job I think I would really like. Cool!

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