Cranky person

you know, right now i’m a pretty cranky person. When we walked through our new apartment, it was totally clean, no apparent issues. We have had to do some minor things that weren’t a big deal, replacing soft squishy toilet seats that had apparently been cleaned and then put down, which made them MOLD! Seats are only $5 apiece so no big deal. It was a quick replacement and pretty inexpensive, we wouldnt have kept the soft seats anyway. Also, we have purchased and replaced the weatherstripping around the doorways and have bought new bottom of the door items to keep bugs out because they keep coming in. rolly pollys or pill bugs, no big deal, just annoying for them to be crawling around. yuck! now I’m really cranky, because we have a whole closet, which would be perfect for a pantry or coat closet, that is completely unusable. Someone in a NON-PET apartment, apparently had a cat and/or litter box in the closet. Um. Yuck. We got a NON-PET apartment for a reason–no urine anywhere. Go figure. Baking soda didn’t work, even open in a flat container (which worked for the fridge and freezer in our temporary place, when someone cleaned and left it closed, which molded. ick!) so we’re hoping the vinegar will. But I can’t stand the smell of vinegar without getting sick, so Mr. Mouse will have to do it. We can’t leave the closet door open because it’s so bad that it takes over the whole place and makes us gag. If you leave it closed it gets worse and worse.

So besides cleaning it, do we complain and have the owner take up the tile and clean and replace it, since it was supposed to be pet free? Or do we suck it up and take it as it is since we already have been here for 2 weeks.

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