gendered clothing, blankets, etc

the only things i’ve seen have been clothes, toys, blankets, etc. and you can BARELY ever find anything other than pink or blue. all pastels. very rarely, and now walmart carters i think carries some yellow and green. if/when we have a baby, i dont want to find out the sex/gender beforehand AND i dont want pink or blue clothes type things if i can help it. any ideas how to keep people from over-genderizing everything? I had a lot of issues because i was constantly put down for “being a girl” and it made me close off from other people, hide from trying new things, not to be melodramatic, but I still am scarred from it. i dont want my kids to be started in with that whole thing before they can even talk. did you have any problems with that with your kids, or were you not treated that way and/or with your own charming way have you told people to stuff it?

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