Moving twice in 2 weeks sucks

Yes, i know, everything seems to suck these days, but moving 2 times in 2 weeks is definitely one of them. We just got everything put down, the bed put together, etc. and we’re working on getting all of our services hooked up. right now we’re connected via someone’s wireless somehow, but we are getting ours this afternoon, so then we wont be stealing it on accident after that I guess.

we are also getting basic cable which to my delight seems to include all the cable channels i would watch anyway. also we are signed on for some movie thing to get a reduced price for a year. no biggie, i guess. i never watch the movie channels or anything anyway.

we bought a new bed and put our old one in the spare room and my folks came up this weekend to help us move the second time. i know my mom really misses me, and that it will be tough on her. i have my plant back too, with a few buddies. PLANT as he is called, is the only thing to survive my appendicitis attack and recovery. However, he was stuck in a dark bedroom for way too long in the college apartments and was in dire shape this spring when he made the trek to the farm. he got new sprouts in with him, new soil, and taken care of in a sunny place for about a month and then came back to live with us again in Iowa. yeah! now plant and his plant buddies are happily perched by the window. it’s the only living thing besides me here right now, so i’m happy he’s home.
I have taken this opportunity to read to my heart’s content, which is something i dont let myself do very often, because it takes up a lot of time, and is practically sinful. woohoo! i have also allowed myself a few short naps when i get tired. actually, it works out well that way. if i’m tired i snooze and voila all better in about 20 minutes.

it;s looking better in here all the time, although just now there’s boxes everywhere still. what i need is a job so i dont have to think why am i ignoring this stuff all day. ha!

the big thing is getting around. i did drive in moderate traffic on the weekend to help pick up supplies, but not by myself. and today would have been the day to do it, but with my truck being accosted to drive to work, then my hubby has me at home. that’s fine though,i have plenty of time to go later and figure out the traffic patterns. well, i guess i better stop now and get to reading er unpacking.

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