Kraft deli creations

Well hey I tried the kraft deli creations sandwich that you microwave and have a hot sandwich. If you know someone who does the fast food thing to get something hot, and want to lower their fat intake or stem some bad habits, but they’re not willing to go to too much trouble or take leftovers, this is a great way to get them something decent to eat that’s easy to throw together at work if there’s a microwave. If you want me to forward a message to you that allows you to get a free coupon and other (about half price) coupons, let me know.

The one I tried was honey ham and swiss. I’m not much of a cheddar person and I prefer ham to turkey. There are a few options that they have so far. Basically, you get a little kit where everything is shrink wrapped (lots of plastic, so that sucks) anyway, each part is separate so if you don’t like something, you just don’t put it on. The kit contained a good portion of ham, a skinny piece of cheese, a sub roll, a packet of mayo and a packet of dijon mustard. I saved the mayo for another use. No reason to microwave mayo IMO. You put the sandwich on the box and microwave it. It was pretty tasty I thought. I split it with hubby and he wasn’t as impressed (mustard), they’re too expensive for me to eat every day, but for someone who actually has a job, it wouldn’t be a big hassle. Just buy enough for the week on the weekend. If you had a portion of chips and an apple or something, that would be plenty for lunch. And easy to grab and go in the morning, the bread won’t get soggy and it takes a very short time to put together. I dont think either of us liked the mustard, but the actual food was good quality. I’m thinking that it was 11 grams of fat total, so the cheese was definitely higher in fat, or the sandwich meat was not as fat free as I thought, but overall that’s not bad compared to a Whopper and fries.

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