Cranky person

you know, right now i’m a pretty cranky person. When we walked through our new apartment, it was totally clean, no apparent issues. We have had to do some minor things that weren’t a big deal, replacing soft squishy toilet seats that had apparently been cleaned and then put down, which made them MOLD! Seats … [Read more…]


Whew. When Mr. Mouse got home, he extended the couch, asked me to go for a flashlight, and said, oh, never mind! And he found it. I burst into tears. Umm. I ran out of birth control pills since we moved and don’t have another doctor yet. I certainly hope the tears thing doesnt go … [Read more…]

lost earring

any clues on how to find a lost earring? usually i just get to ground level and look for the shinyness, but i dropped it sitting on the couch and its teeny tiny. i have no idea where it went, if it bounced, fell into the sofa cushions, or what. it’s one of a pair … [Read more…]

Moving twice in 2 weeks sucks

Yes, i know, everything seems to suck these days, but moving 2 times in 2 weeks is definitely one of them. We just got everything put down, the bed put together, etc. and we’re working on getting all of our services hooked up. right now we’re connected via someone’s wireless somehow, but we are getting … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, moving didn’t suck quite as bad this time. We did finalize our temporary move on my birthday (June 2). I worked up until almost quitting time on June 1 and then we headed out. We got here, even further into the midwest, around 8 pm. We got in, our bed set up, and got … [Read more…]


I guess there’s not much point in thinking if I say something I’ll jinx it, I’m already jinxed. My brain is completely shut down right about now. Not even sure why, it’s the middle of the afternoon and I had plenty of sleep plus a nap this morning. But the moving saga begins. I had … [Read more…]


I’d like to take this time to apologize for my incessant whining. It’s unnecessary. Feels good, I’ll admit. Hope you’ll all still read me even though I’m being cranky.

The Last Time We Moved

August of 2004 UHaul that didn’t want to idle. Means: you can’t move it without jamming on the gas and if you stop, it dies. Good luck backing up to the house. Give up and leave it hanging a bit but think it will be okay. Loading things: we did it one piece at a … [Read more…]

Little Meeces?

It didn’t mean as much to me when my boss had her baby last week as when my girlfriends had theirs (so jealous!) but then I had to put up with her craziness & repeat over and over to myself every day “she’s pregnant, it’s the hormones” and ignore a lot of idiosyncrasies that would … [Read more…]