HP5 OOTP Review

Wow. Wow. That’s all I can say. Since we went to the midnight show in a town 1/2 hour away, we’re totally exhausted, but I definitely think it was worth it. There were a few things that we were disappointed with: the loss of Kreacher as the bad guy, absence of the Quibbler interview, and … [Read more…]

Harry Potter

Yeah! Today is the day for the HP 5th movie to come out and we’re going to the midnight showing! Also the 7th and final book comes out in about 2 weeks and boy am I excited! I am sorry for the end of the series, but it has been 10 years in the running … [Read more…]

It’s Showtime

I’m so nervous! I’ve invited a few other bloggers to check in on me and that means that I should be smart! intuitive! thought-provoking! creative! Hmm. Well, I try. It’s hard to be super-creative and smart sounding when all you’ve done for the last month is relax, watch tv, and take care of the house. … [Read more…]

Why do people hate Rachael Ray?

Yes, Rachael Ray can be a bit perky. She’s a white Oprah, who isn’t afraid of eating. She has a real-girl figure and uses her HANDS when she cooks. She isn’t afraid of saying that most people don’t have time to cook, and that that’s okay, she gives you options that really do seem to … [Read more…]

Thank you notes

Someone in blog-land posted about writing thank you notes and I thought I’d comment on it. Yes, writing thank you notes is just as important now as it ever was, but all those that either weren’t taught about it, or were forced to do it (and like all things, got pissed about it and say … [Read more…]


Last weekend we went Geocaching, well, we went with someone who was hiding one. For those of you not familiar with the “sport”–if you could call it that, and from my limited knowledge, it basically goes like this: There’s a website that you log in to if you hide or find a geocache. If you … [Read more…]

Butt onions

Okay, so the title of this blog is a little odd, you may have clicked here on accident looking for a recipe or new flavor of toilet paper, but i digress. Today the Chicago Cubs played the Washington Nationals. Well, to me, from a long distance on camera, the NATIONALS split across the buttons on … [Read more…]


Everyone else seems to be writing about childhood memories of summer, so here goes: We had no air conditioning, I spent a lot of time going “ahhh” in front of the fan to hear my voice sound funny. Early in the morning when it wasn’t too hot we’d sit on the porch and listen to … [Read more…]

Sneaky Birdseed Thief

This little critter shimmied up the new bird feeder pole and ate about half of it today. He came back several times, shimmied up and shimmied down. We now need to invest in something to keep the critter out of it, and a squirrel feeder.