Things I’m obsessing about

1. Harry Potter-as if you couldnt tell!2. My hubby-he’s driving me crazy by taking some much time reading (see above)3. food-I’m constantly starving. is.not.fair.4. trying to organize our apartment5. reading other people’s blogs-so much more interesting than me!6. grocery shopping–i’m never truly happy without a full pantry, and then some. see #37. cool jackets–i am … [Read more…]

Ridiculous Potter stuff

From into that theory is the quest that began near the end of book six: the search for the horcruxes. In order to gain immortality, Voldemort split his soul between several magical artifacts, using acts of murder to imbue them. Each of these horcruxes must be found and destroyed before he can be killed. … [Read more…]