Why do people hate Rachael Ray?

Yes, Rachael Ray can be a bit perky. She’s a white Oprah, who isn’t afraid of eating. She has a real-girl figure and uses her HANDS when she cooks. She isn’t afraid of saying that most people don’t have time to cook, and that that’s okay, she gives you options that really do seem to be just as easy as waiting for take out, and less expensive too, her specialty is 30-minute meals, a show on Food Network that in 30 minutes(duh) including commercials, she makes a healthy meal that tastes good. It’s no-holds barred though, she considers not using butter a good reason to eat hot dogs.. well for those of us with high cholesterol that’s not too good, but she ALWAYS suggests substitutes for healthier eating such as using white meat chicken, turkey based products like hot dogs, bacon, gives options for people doing special diets without carbs etc. and also gives busy people permission to do things like buying “salad out of a sack” instead of buying a head of lettuce and chopping it up, and add a few things, viola you have your own meal. Yes, she’s perky, but she’s so REAL, some of the cooks have a big bunch of gourmet stuff already ready and she goes around to the cupboards and gets stuff, but usually it’s stuff we all have in our cupboards–which is great, granted, it’s all at the front conveniently grouped together–but it IS television after all. And she makes dessert! She tells little tidbits about her own life, and makes you feel like she’s not a huge star, which she is! She has her own talk show now, and rumor has it her own magazine is coming out too. Crazy! She’s also written quite a few books, cookbooks on 30 minute meals. And, yes, she’s perky. Get over it!


  1. Anonymous

    Because those people are related to Debbie Downer. They can’t handle sunshine everyday.

    That woman who started the rrsux is fat and ugly and is just jealous! But guess what, even Rachel Ray threw nothing negative at her when asked.

    The world would be so much better if people see the donut and not the hole!

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