Thank you notes

Someone in blog-land posted about writing thank you notes and I thought I’d comment on it. Yes, writing thank you notes is just as important now as it ever was, but all those that either weren’t taught about it, or were forced to do it (and like all things, got pissed about it and say that they won’t make their kids do ANYTHING their parents forced them to do) –it just seems like common sense, common courtesy, and politeness has gone by the wayside. People just have ignored the wisdom of generations and cut out decency in favor of working more, or what, I dont’ know. I guess I actually THINK about the kind of rules I grew up with and what I was supposed to do, and what those rules mean for myself and other people, and I can’t think of one right now that has or would steer a kid wrong. Back to thank you notes: I don’t even require a handwritten and mailed one. A quick email to say thanks is good enough. How do I know if anyone gets a present I send them if they don’t say something? That kind of thing drives me insane. And it is good practice for kids writing thank you notes for references, for job interviews, and just good practice in general for how to be truly thankful for something. All those with kids under K age, you could either do it yourself, or have your kid draw a picture on the inside of the thank you card and you write their name. Use your imagination. Teach your kids to be truly thankful for what they have, teach them to go out of their way to thank those that do for you. If one of us does it, if all of us does it, then maybe the next generation and the next will be a little more concerned for their fellow humans. Crime rate going up, no one can discuss anything civilly, everything is you vs. me, i am right you are wrong, sheesh! Let’s take the focus off who has wronged us and teach our kids to do the right thing!

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