Worse than PB with Salmonella

Okay so what’s worse the salmonella peanut butter? Try getting a letter in the mail from your pharmacy saying “we’re sorry, but your prescriptions were left on a truck in the cold for longer than we are comfortable with, please return them for a free replacement…” and realizing that includes your birth control.. which is … [Read more…]

Life in the 1950’s

I had to listen to goings-on about a “man-purse” today and after about a minute of the men looking at each other like they thought their testicles were going to fall off, I was like, you mean the guy had a briefcase? You know they don’t make them all like they did in the old … [Read more…]

I’m the Head Cheese

Welcome to the Mouse House, where the name is always over the door. I’m the Head Cheese in the Mouse House, although Mr. Mouse probably thinks he is. So come on in and say hi and hear the news from our Hole in the Wall…