It’s Showtime

I’m so nervous! I’ve invited a few other bloggers to check in on me and that means that I should be smart! intuitive! thought-provoking! creative! Hmm. Well, I try. It’s hard to be super-creative and smart sounding when all you’ve done for the last month is relax, watch tv, and take care of the house. But it is GREAT!

My husband got his first job out of college and we moved 3 hours away, I’ve had one job interview and I was thrilled to get it. It’s something that would be great for me career-wise, and I was happy just to get the interview, but it didnt work out this time. Luckily, I can take my time and find what I want, unlike every other time, when we’ve needed my income to get by. This is great! I’ve always had to settle for less, because there were never openings in the field I wanted to get into. Also, I’ve applied for graduate school twice with no luck. The first time I had a horrible scholastic interview because I had a migraine. The second time, I was about 3 down on the list I guess, because according to some people inquiring, I was NOT considered academically ready. The college gpa required for this is a 2.5 in any major. The subject is like sociology and psychology. I had a 3.93 in psychology in 2001. Plus 5 years working in the field before applying. And several semesters of business classes that correlate to the field in the last year that I recieved an A in that should have proved beyond a doubt that I could do the work. Apparently not, either that, or they are lying and they used that to cover for the fact that they’ve not admitted a married student. It’s bull. So now, I may get to try again in like 10 years once we are done having kids and they are in school. Then maybe these supposedly progressive people will get with the program and figure out that some people that aren’t 22 with a 2.5 gpa in p.e. can figure it out. In any case, I won’t be re-applying to the same school. They’ve let me down enough. I will try elsewhere, and maybe another 10 years of experience will give me some credit.

Well that’s lame enough for everyone to read, just thought you should know why my posts are kind of boring right now.

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  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!(you found me thru A family story) I totally agree with you on Rachel Ray. I like her, I think she’s real. I have a feeling she is growing on people. My sister did not like her, but after I forced her to watch the food network when Rachel was on, she found a recipe that worked perfectly for a dinner she had planned. And now she loves her. I but the magazine whenever I see it too, it’s good!

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