Baby led solids

Keeley is a great eater. Veggies, fruit, most kinds of meat she just chows down. Occasionally something will get a ‘spit’, a few types of beans, broccoli, etc. For the most part, though, she really goes after whatever we are eating. Heaven forbid one of us eat without her. That is the 8th deadly sin. … [Read more…]

Baby Led Solids

The idea of BLS is to let the baby feed itself. Does it sound extremely lazy? Yes. Does it sound a little bad on the part of the parents? Maybe, as you’re playing fast and loose with ‘big’ pieces of food instead of mush. Does it work? A lot of people say so. Here was … [Read more…]

Table food, or baby led solids

Has anyone else ever heard of this? Baby led solids? The idea is that your kid can just scoop up some sweet potato and mash it with her gums (more likely spit it out) and learn to feed herself instead of trying to cram jarred mush into her mouth. She won’t have to learn how … [Read more…]

New stuff

The Baby Led Solids post has a video now. Sorry for those of you that looked at it without it, it really is kind of cute. I’m going shopping this Friday with my friend Tricia and her baby Ben (5 weeks older than Keeley). God knows how we’re going to manage. Anyway, point being. Any … [Read more…]

Our Bum Genius Story

When we lived in another state, we discovered the recycling center and happily crunched boxes, rinsed out jars and cans, and looked for the elusive recycle symbol on every plastic thingamajig that came in the house. We shredded documents and heaped them into boxes. Our trash output was half of what it had been. I … [Read more…]