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The Baby Led Solids post has a video now. Sorry for those of you that looked at it without it, it really is kind of cute.

I’m going shopping this Friday with my friend Tricia and her baby Ben (5 weeks older than Keeley). God knows how we’re going to manage. Anyway, point being. Any suggestions on what to buy? None of my clothes seem to flatter me in the slightest anymore. I only have one pair of shorts, so I should at least get one other pair probably. The ones I have are baggy. I donated about 6 pair from several years ago to the Salvation Army when I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea I MIGHT have gotten back into them by now. Dang. Anyway, other suggestions? I thought my flowy black maternity dress might be okay on me, but it still looks like a maternity dress, I was hoping without the bump it would be alright, but it’s clearly not. I still have a chunk of a belly on there pooching out (now I know why people dread the post baby belly!) but luckily most pants nowadays fit below the waist, so it would be shirts (accounting for the lactation stations to fit underneath) including maybe some tank tops that would be the problem? I mean, let’s face it, I’m a SAHM, I want to look good, but not have to try too hard. I don’t get spit up on that often, but I don’t ‘do’ dry clean clothes. What looks okay (I gave up frumpy about 3 weeks after she was born) without costing an arm, a leg, and her college savings? Wait, she doesn’t have any. But that’s besides the point. When I worked, I did a lot of mix and match. I had a handful of skorts (those things that look like skirts but have the damn legs sewn in them—can you get rid of those, anyone know? I’d love them to be just skirts!) that I can now get back into and mixed those with suit pieces and nicer tops. Most of them long sleeved or I wore shells and jackets.

What will carry me through the summer? I have several old tops that still fit okay, but by old I’m guessing I got them in…2004. Some earlier. A few later. Most of what I have I’m sure I bought when I got my job at unnamed university all those years ago. Most of it was on the clearance rack for under $3. That’s how I got most of my summer wardrobe was gleaning the shelves in the fall. I hate to pay full price but I’ve been given an ultimatum. Charge my credit card or else… I only have 2 things going for me right now that can be taken away. Caffeine free diet pepsi and, well, the other. You know, I really don’t want either one gone, so I’m giving in and going shopping. YEAH! Now, spill, please suggest something I can wear for the summer! I have ONE family reunion to go to, in JULY. Outside. I will still be nursing baby. Suggestions?


  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I won’t be very helpful. I have decided that shorts aren’t so good for me. It seems like most of the other moms my age are all wearing capris. Which I don’t like. However, it does make me look a little more age appropriate, and they hide my legs better, which I like anyway. not to mention that Mom was right, crossing your legs is bad. And you can tell which one I cross if you look at the backs of my knees. Disgusting! I didn’t even know it was happening, but my veins are all gross on one knee. Anyway, now that I’ve given you that mental image, I’ll move on!

    Capris may be hard for you with your height. Maybe in the petite section. And heeled sandals, while not nearly as comfy, really do help make the legs look nicer.

    I have a heck of a time with shirts. I can’t fine much in stores. We go to Aurora a couple of times a year and I find much better luck at such stores as Bass, Van Heusen, Izod, and Eddie Bauer. At the outlet, they’re usually affordable. Although I got a $130 coat from Eddie Baur on Michigan Avenue in Chicago last weekend for $40. I don’t think those first 3 stores I mentioned have regular stores. And I haven’t found their products in other stores either. I know you can’t get to Aurora, but there are other outlet places. Prime Outlets, and Premium Outlets are two that I can think of. I think there’s another one or two around. THere’s a really big outlet mall around the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. That’s a fun one!

    Not everything at outlets are cheaper, but if you go with it in mind what you’re willing to pay (which has GOT to be more than $3 for a shirt!!) that helps. I usually look at the price after looking at the item, so I’ve had time to decide what I’d be willing to pay for it. Up until recently I thought if I had to pay more than $15 for a shirt, or $20 for a pair of pants, it wasn’t happening. I can’t buy tons of stuff at higher prices, but I dont’ feel bad buying something a little more sometimes. I can’t bring myself to pay more than $30 for a shirt yet. But my wardrobe is looking better than it has in a while. I’m finally getting rid of lots of stuff I bought because it was cheap, but I don’t really like.

    I guess that’s the big thing. ONLY buy something if you really like it.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I filled up my alloted space, surprise, surprise!

    As for the nursing, please don’t pick your wardrobe based on that. YOu’re only going to be nursing for another 5 months or so (I’m assuming) and you’re going to have your clothes for longer. You can always wear a big t-shirt around the house if yuo’re concerned, or just take the extra moment to get to the nursing bra through your clothes. I only owned 3 nursing bras, and only wore the two at night. And I couldn’t do the catch on the other without putting baby down, so I gave up. Just hiked the cup up over my boob and moved on. Of course, you’ve got more to hike up over, but as often as you’re around people, it doesn’t really matter. You can always go into the other room to nurse.

    I have found that some of the shirts that have some details around the collar take some of the eye off my middle. And I have to try on all shirts now, because I may need a medium or a large, wth the big thing being how it fits on this apparantly monster sized hips of mine. And some larges, while my boobs will be sticking out the collar because I don’t have a medium or large sized chest, will be too tight aroudn the hips and I REFUSE to try on an extra large shirt at this point. Only part of my body seems to need it. I hate clothes shopping, makes me feel bad about myself.

    On a happy note, I tried on one of those swimsuits at Kohls the other day that was supposed to have tummy control. Hot damn, it did! Now if only it had hips, thigh, and butt control….

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