Baby led solids

Keeley is a great eater. Veggies, fruit, most kinds of meat she just chows down. Occasionally something will get a ‘spit’, a few types of beans, broccoli, etc. For the most part, though, she really goes after whatever we are eating. Heaven forbid one of us eat without her. That is the 8th deadly sin. She’s a terrible mooch.

We waited until she was 7  months old to start her on solids. She had been following our movements while we ate for a while, and was reliably sitting on her own, in the middle of the floor, not toppling over. It’s later than a lot of people do, but with our struggles with breastfeeding, I kind of thought I owed her a bit more time to adjust before loading her with solids. I also wasn’t ready for the change in her diapers! Waiting that long, though, ensured that it was no holds barred from then on in! We followed a modified form of baby led weaning, or baby led solids, you can find a great 1 page magazine article about it here (link broken). By modified I mean that we have spooned her food from time to time, like yogurt and applesauce, but that for the most part, she has been her own moderator on how much, when, and in what form of food she eats. I will personally be glad when she learns to use the spoon, as it tends to be a meal-interrupter. The best part is that we’re not constantly making special food for her, it’s what we eat, and that’s that. A lot of people don’t understand it. If you’re one, click on the article, it’s a quick read and may make you see a reason to stop buying jar after jar of puree for several months, when you could be investing in a college fund, instead.

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  1. Morgan, for the most part, is a good eater. Not so much with meat–I think, for her, it’s a texture thing. She loves asparagus, broccoli, squash and all fruit. She does love most beans, so I know she’s getting protein.

    I did buy jars of baby food and looking back? Wow. A lot of money.

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