Baby Led Solids

The idea of BLS is to let the baby feed itself. Does it sound extremely lazy? Yes. Does it sound a little bad on the part of the parents? Maybe, as you’re playing fast and loose with ‘big’ pieces of food instead of mush. Does it work? A lot of people say so. Here was our first try.  The second try, well, it went much like the first, but without the actual putting of food in mouth. Maybe she’s just not quite ready yet.

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  1. The food messes really drive me crazy – especially now with two kids to keep track of. I haven’t heard much about this approach, but I am not sure it would have worked for us – especially since Michael had a few developmental delays with eating. BUT I think the great thing about so much of parenting is that everyone gets to do what works for them – so if you feel good about this and K is getting what she needs, then go for it!

  2. Matt got baby food.
    Lyssa did not.

    Both of them ate. Both are fine now.

    I think you should do what works for you.

    But you know, back in the ‘olden days’ there was no such thing as baby food, and the population of the earth did not die out.


  3. I’ve never heard of this before so don’t know anything about it. But as long as she can eat and not choke then whatever works!

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