Wordless Wednesday: F-eeeeeewwwww-d (baby led solids)

So Tuesday was the big day, we got out the high chair, cleaned it up, plopped some banana on the tray, and here’s what happened. Hint: rewind 3 years with a dark eyed and haired baby and it’s almost exactly the same. It’s hilarious! If you’ve never heard of baby led solids (baby led weaning is another term), the general idea is that you skip purees, wait a bit, and go straight to ‘solid’ foods. You still introduce in much the same way as you would purees, except you let the baby take the lead. Disclaimer: no babies were harmed in the making of this video. It’s perfectly acceptable and normal for a baby to make gagging noises when introduced to something other than milk for the first time. The baby is not choking, I promise.

Brennan’s first food

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