Family Photograph

Okay, let’s play. You tell me which kid belongs to who. If you get them all right, well, I’d be really surprised and I’d have to think on it- you may get a prize. K? And if you know my family you can’t play. Sorry. That wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. Okay I guess … [Read more…]

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

We all know the popular refrain “It’s five o’clock somewhere” – I have 2 stories for you. One has a moral, that I will get to quickly, the other is just a cute family story, I guess. Story 1- WGJ was an administrator where I went to college. I was present one time when someone … [Read more…]

Fun Monday-Holiday Traditions

The Humble Housewife is hosting Fun Monday. She says: With the holidays coming up I thought it would be fun to get an insight into holiday traditions in peoples homes. I want you to share a tradition, event, recipe or quirk that you or your family does or aspires to do during the holidays, whether … [Read more…]

Bonus Holiday Traditions w/ Recipe

I thought since Fun Monday was all about Holiday traditions, that I’d use Sunday to write about Thanksgiving traditions and save Christmas for Monday. First things first, we get an early taste of holiday fare in November at a church potluck. My mom always volunteers to make the stuffing (dressing, really) – nothing ever gets … [Read more…]