It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

We all know the popular refrain “It’s five o’clock somewhere” – I have 2 stories for you. One has a moral, that I will get to quickly, the other is just a cute family story, I guess.
Story 1- WGJ was an administrator where I went to college. I was present one time when someone asked him what time it was. He proceeded to hold his watch out facing away from him, and the person could read it perfectly. It took all of 30 seconds for us to realize that he was wearing his watch UPSIDE DOWN. He couldn’t possibly read it like that, at least not practically. So, we asked him why. He said “because it reminds me that things aren’t always as they appear.”

Story 2-My family has an old clock that doesnt work anymore. No matter how often it’s fixed, it gets off time and is useless except for decoration. To this day, it hangs on their wall stuck at one time. Dinner time. My dad’s idea. He likes food, what can I say? Now we happened to get a clock for a wedding present from a dear friend. It eats batteries every 2 weeks. In that amount of time, it slows down by 20 minutes. We’ve nursed it the last couple of years on batteries and finally it was an hour slow. I gave up and took the top battery out and turned the clock to five. It now stays there. The pendulum still swings, as you can see in the picture it’s leaning right – but as the song goes “it’s five o’clock somewhere” or as my dad says “oh look, it’s dinner time”.


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