Family Photograph

Okay, let’s play. You tell me which kid belongs to who. If you get them all right, well, I’d be really surprised and I’d have to think on it- you may get a prize. K? And if you know my family you can’t play. Sorry. That wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. Okay I guess I’ll play a little more fair. One boy and one girl belong to one brother and the rest to the other. The kids are not grouped in any particular way. The adults are more or less grouped together. This is your first look at me how I look now, so don’t gasp in horror. You’ve seen my hubby (dead center) and I’m right by him. We don’t have any kids. I know, it’s not pretty, but everyone else looked good in the picture, so I didnt’ complain. I’ll get a better picture posted once the camera charges up a little bit. Both girls are M so Redhead is M1 and the other is M2. Brown stripe is T, blue stripe is A, red stripe is D, white plaid is N and black shirt is B. Good luck.


  1. ok so M1 and D belong to the redhead far back left and the guy standing next to her with the goatee. I don’t remember seeing your hubby before, my dead center is off to me cuz you are more center. Isn’t that great that I pegged the 2 of you as parents?!

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