1. HAHA This post cracks me up!

    I personally still use mostly synthetic fibers, but my wash routine works fine for me. I do have some bamboo in my stash, but I prefer Stay Dry for my daughter.

  2. We use a combination but I do feel that my natural fiber inserts/diapers/flats clean up much better. My youngest wears natural fibers to bed because I got so tired of ammonia from the microfiber night diapers. Haven’t had problems since he sleeps in hemp now.

  3. Ha! I have some very old and non-functional microfiber inserts that I’m still holding onto. They are about 4 yrs old and really at the end of their run. I keep thinking that I might donate them, but I don’t want to pass bad inserts on to someone else either! I doubt I’d trash them, but I may find a use for them… someday!

  4. Michelle T

    I’m right there with you! I did the same brush off, and now I get it. I totally get the whole “natural fibers only” mentality and why modern cloth diaperers want it.

  5. jodi Armstrong

    I haven’t had any issues. Though I only own a handful of microfiber inserts & try to steer clear of them as much as poasible. Love my cotton prefolds nothing else can compare yet

  6. Stephanie O'Day

    This is such good information! As I am new to cloth diapering, I love to see the negative, just as much as the positive things about different things to use!

  7. I have had more stink issues with natural fibers (my aios) than microfiber. But when my microfiber inserts are all used up, I plan on using flour sack towels and prefolds in my pockets.

  8. Camille

    Absolutely! I can’t stand microfiber! I actually realized it’s limitations while using reusable microfiber mop heads. No matter how much I bleached, washed, etc I just couldn’t get them clean! I knew that wasn’t going to work in diapers. And I completely agree – I do cloth for environmental reasons and totally get it that all that plastic polyester blend stuff isn’t really all that green of a choice….

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