1. We LOVED prefolds for the newborn days! They really saved us as I had a NB and a 19mo at the time. And you’re so right, NBs can go through multiple dipes at a time so it was nice to keep a prefold out to lay under them as I did a change just in case. The NB/Small prefolds can totally be folded and used as an insert or doubler in pocket diapers later on if you really want to make sure you’ve got your monies worth out of them.

  2. We didn’t start cloth until a little later with our son but I think with our next one – hook and loops will be a must for a newborn cover, especially with all the nighttime changes!

  3. Annie Olcese

    I am planning on using prefolds and covers in my new baby due in may, and I currently use them on my 29 month old. Can you recommend a good newborn cover for long, skinny babies with very skinny legs? We ended up using disposables on my daughter till she fit well into our flip covers because we couldn’t find a good fit that wouldn’t leak. Thanks!

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