1. I almost exclusively diaper with prefolds (with some fitteds thrown in for good measure). I love the simplicity of it (read: no fuss, no muss), and plan on adding flats to my stash to use with my next child. My mom diapered me with prefolds and flats back in the 70s (thankfully, rubber pants are a thing of the past) 🙂

  2. I recently took part in the Flats Challenge and was amazed at how easy it is to handwash flats! They are so quick to dry too! I have a new-found love for flats and no dealing with stinky microfiber 😉

  3. My mom used flats on my sisters and me. Unlike her, prefolds are as old-school as I was willing to go. You are brave to accept this challenge. Good luck!

  4. Surprisingly I have never used flats but I am becoming a fan of the simplicity of prefolds over pockets. If I have another I think I will give flats a try

  5. Jessica

    So what “inexpensive or awesomely fabulous patterns in pockets and covers” would you choose? Are pocket diapers available to purchase without the microfiber insert?

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