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  1. We’re doing Suess week this week at work. I wanted a full week to celebrate because we do so many things. One of our activities will be to make a Seuss creature out of sculpey clay. I plan to bring the toaster oven and bake them right there and let the kids paint them. They’re either going to be a necklace or a refrigerator magnet, their choice.

    We’re also using some fake fur and other embellishments to make a larger refrig magnet.

    We do a Seuss read around, which is what it sounds like. I bring in ALL my books, somewhere around a ton, and they’re out on the table for kids to read.

    I recite the Sneetches for them, and we also pass around a book for those who want to read out loud. Those who don’t want to read aren’t pressured, they just get to listen.

    We’ll do a crayon resist, too. A large piece of watercolor paper, with a character drawn in crayon, then a wash of tempera over the top.

    Fun times.

    The kids can’t wait.

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