1. I love this post! I unfortunately didn’t discover cloth until my 3rd baby..and it’s sooooo addicting! I love how you have broke down the costs toward the end. ♡♥♡

  2. Katie S

    I’ve been blessed to have won much of my stash in cloth diaper giveaways. At this point in my cloth diapering career I finally have a good idea of what I like to use most. I love all my bumgenius and Flip products, and particularly like using organic AIOs. But something I’ve learned from your blog is that I need to give flats a try!! I’ve tried a lot of stuff, but never any flats! I love the idea of them because like you said, they wash up really nicely. My husband was not a fan of the idea of cloth diapering. But I think he is actually rather pleased with the savings since our budget is really tight and we’re not having to find room in it for disposable diapers!

  3. I only had one baby and he had disposables, sad to say. I remember cloth diapers from when my brothers were babies – we had a diaper service and a diaper pail that smelled awful. I remember rinsing dirty diapers out in the toilet before putting them in the pail and what a “fun” job THAT was! So when I had my own baby, cloth diapers just didn’t even occur to me. I wish now that someone had been around to tell me about these new-fangled ones and how easy they (seem) to be. My boy would have never touched a disposable had I known.

  4. Christine K

    I cloth diapered my first starting at 7w (though we decided before we were pregnant that we would CD), and my second from birth. I’m thankful we actually had disposables for my first when he was born because we were expecting to use tax return $ to fund our stash and he came a month early! (Of course, I would have loved a bunch of cloth diapers instead, but you take what you can get!) Thanks to the baby shower, we only ended up buying 2 packages of disposables before starting him in cloth 🙂

    Thanks for the financial break down! It’s nice seeing how much it adds up!

  5. As one of my favorite cloth diapering advocates I can’t wait to read about the new tester. I’ve been following finding myself happily agreeing with you. Keep up the great work. You’re fabulous!!!

  6. I love using cloth diapers, and have done so since day one with my son. I take a more practical view on them – while they do come in cute prints, they really are only pee and poo catchers. If I have a homebirth with my next LO, his/her tush will be wrapped in cloth, but if I have to have a hospital birth, I think I’ll just simplify and use disposables until we get settled at home.

  7. Ashley Despain

    Cloth diapering is the best, and I’ve been cloth diapering my little one since she was big enough to be in OS. I love how you break down the cost for all three children. That’s a lot of money!! I plan on cloth diapering my next and since I have a nice large stash I won’t need to buy diapers for the next. However, as you noted fluff is addicting and I find I always want more and more!!

  8. Michelle Turner

    I am cloth diapering my second child and Lord willing I will be cloth diapering my next. I love how you broke down the costs at the end of the page.!

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