1. My favorite pocket is one in which the insert self agitates out during wash. Smartipants and AppleCheeks are my favorites.

  2. Sadie

    I primarily use Charlie banana’s and bumgenius and would love to give prefods and flats a go in place of the microfiber inserts!

  3. Valerie

    My baby is due next week and I an to try both flats and prefolds for the newborn phase!

  4. Amy D.

    I like to use flats in a cover now, but I used to like BG4s at night until baby started rolling to the side.

  5. kat

    We don’t have a baby yet but I think I’m going to do prefolds with cover for new born then move to one size all in twos. I’m excited to try any cloth diaper method/brand though!

  6. Hayley s

    I have not really been liking any of the pockets I’ve tried… I prefer my GroVia hybrids!

  7. Karen

    My favorite pocket is Bum Genius 4.0 But my favorite diaper is a flip cover with a flat pad folded

  8. Katie S

    My favorite pocket diaper is bumgenius. I also love my 2012 Fuzzibunz Elite, but the pocket is so narrow, it’s difficult to stuff, especially if you wanted to stuff a hemp insert or flat inside. Bumgenius is much better for that!

  9. Molly

    We use bGs at night (bulletproof with hemp!) but I love the prints on the Alva Baby pockets.

  10. Jessica Long

    Waiting for The MOraki diapers to arrive now, I also have Fuzzibunz and BG 4.0s !!

  11. Britni Bradford

    Lately I’m loving the new FB pockets. We only use pockets at night (DD hates feeling wet to sleep), and they’re easy to over stuff with prefolds, etc…

  12. I am actually moving away from my pocket diaper for easier (for me) AI2s and prefolds with covers. I guess my favorite of the ones I’m still using are AppleCheeks

  13. Amy S

    I only have one pocket I regularly use and its a BumGenius. I like to lay my flats in my Flip covers.

  14. Laura

    Right now, the Charlie Banana sized diapers fit my rather large two year old the best, so I’d have to say they are my favorites.

  15. Ashley F

    My favorite pocket is Diaper Safari, good stretch, secure snap placement and lots of room for inserts. Also affordable!

  16. Julie Ghrist

    We don’t really use pockets but my favorite when we used them were Bumgenius

  17. Laura P

    We’re expecting our first, so I don’t have a favorite yet, but I do have bumGenius and FuzziBunz ready to try!

  18. Colleen

    My baby is due in October so I haven’t started using pockets yet. I just bought a bum Genius 4.0 yesterday, but I’d like to try lots of different brands.

  19. Carissa Joslyn

    My favorite out of the small stash i have would have to be my Kawaii! Most of my others are babylands

  20. Janice P.

    I don’t have any pockets yet. I am just starting to get ready to cloth diaper my little one on the way. I am trying to decide which pockets I want to get. I am looking at BumGenius 4.0.

  21. Mallory

    Right now we are LOVING our BG 4.0 pockets! They fit so well and have grown with our little one.

  22. I will be having my first child in the next few days, so I have not yet tried any, but I have Smart Snugs, Rump Arounds, and Rumparooz in my stash. I am excited to try them all!

  23. tara roberts

    i don’t have a favorite yet as my baby has not been born, but can’t wait to use what i have!!

  24. Kara Thomas

    The only pockets we have are Alvas and sunbaby do far, but I mostly use flats (receiving blankets) in flip covers

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