Fist Pump Friday: Taking on big words

The most noticeable thing this week with Keeley is that she’s really using some BIG words. She seems to really try them on to see how they roll off her tongue, see how they fit, and then tries to incorporate them into her vocabulary. It’s really great to see her mature before our very eyes. It’s great to have a kid that no longer sounds like a baby! Some examples:


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  1. My favorite speech thing with this age is when they say words wrong due to the past tense – like Fall becomes falled, instead of fell. My son did that yesterday. It sounds so cute.

  2. I love it when they start talking like real people. It somehow sounds so incongruous coming out of those little faces!

    I’m playing.

  3. Oh that is so exciting!! My 2yo son isn’t talking in big words yet. I still work with his speech since I cannot understand him really clearly. I look foward to the day when he is clearer to understand. The same thing happened with my oldest. She is 4 years old now and I can finally understand her speech.

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