Just Fishin’ aka Fist pump Fridays

There’s a new song out by Trace Adkins, called ‘Just Fishin’– Here’s the first part of it (stolen from cowboylyrics.com):

“I’m lost in her there holdin’ that pink rod and reel
She’s doin’ almost everything but sittin’ still
Talkin’ ‘bout her ballet shoes and training wheels
And her kittens
And she thinks we’re just fishin’

I say, “Daddy loves you, baby” one more time
She says, “I know. I think I got a bite.”
And all this laughin’, cryin, smilin’ dyin’ here inside’s
What I call, livin’

And she thinks we’re just fishin’ on the riverside
Throwin’ back what we could fry
Drownin’ worms and killin’ time
Nothin’ too ambitious
She ain’t even thinkin’ ‘bout
What’s really goin’ on right now
But I guarantee this memory’s a big’in
And she thinks we’re just fishin’”

Do you have a ‘just fishin’ moment this week? What great memories did you make with your kids? If you don’t have kids, did you ever feel like you just needed SOMEWHERE to let loose a big ‘fist pump’ for your awesomeness? What is your ‘moment’ of awesome for the week?

Here’s my example to get you started thinking. It’s funny, but sometimes, the best thing you can do is just put the baby down when it’s crying. Seriously. It may very well just… fall asleep in the doorway between your living room and kitchen, and stay there, asleep on the floor, for about 2 hours, allowing you to finishing making lunch for everyone, relax and your toddler to get her nap, uninterrupted, too. Yes, I totally left her there!

This is a good example of a ‘fist pump’, hey maybe not my finest parenting moment, but still a win!

Would you like to play? Please sign up in the comments and I’ll post your link for everyone to follow on Friday, September 30th. Fist pump or fish with me, your choice!

Finally got her to sleep, no rocking, bouncing, or swinging involved.


  1. How sweet is that?! Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong. Next time my baby won’t sleep, I’m just going to put her on the floor. Although, that probably doesn’t work as well when they’re crawling, right? 😉

    Here’s my moment for you.. well, not so much *my* moment, more like my husband’s:

    He takes Kendall to softball games with him every Sunday. Kendall hangs out in the dugout during the games, and then, after the fields are cleared, the 2 of them run bases until they shut the lights off. He comes home completely worn out, covered head to toe in dirt from the field. He thinks they’re just running bases. He has no idea that this will probably be one of his first memories of spending time with his daddy.

  2. That’s so cute… and yes, sometimes putting the baby down works great.

    She’s a BIG girl, isn’t she? Growing right along… all that good food. 🙂

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