SYTYCFF? Baconnnn! Felt bacon craft

Okay so I know I’ve mentioned this before, but now I’m posting for NABLOPOMO (National Blog Posting Month) and I put myself in the family AND crafts category, so I felt obliged to post about crafts the first week, should anyone be clicking to see a crafty blog! Okay..

So here goes, you’ve already seen my cookies, owl themed party goods, homemade no sew pumpkin halloween costume, and my thoughts about raising a creative child, including more felt food and a picture I painted, but I can’t find anywhere that I have shown you my eggs. Lucky you, today you’ll get bacon AND eggs. Or egg. Anyway..

Christmas Breakfast? What's missing?

Alright, fine… here’s the eggs…

Double yolk.. err.. something

To give you an idea, the plate there is a saucer, so they are kid sized crafts! For new people that might (hopefully) be reading, I’m following SYTYCFF (Sew you think you can felt food) series from Susan at Chasing Marcus (her etsy shop is The Felted Pear)–so yes, she knows what she is doing. The link to her blog there will take you to the post on how to make the eggs shown above. The awesome thing about this type of craft is that you can make something ‘good enough’ for your kids if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend as long as you can do 2 things: use scissors, and use a sewing needle. Before this, I could sew on a button and I did a bit of embroidery, but now I have started a tiny little stash of food for my daughter’s Christmas present. I can tell she’s going to be in LOVE with it, because she mixes up fake boulders and balls and whatever to make pretend food. She is very excited about pretending with NOTHING and I am very grateful that Susan decided to do this series so that she will have something ‘real’ to pretend with. Ha!

You can find the bacon tutorial over at Susan’s blog as well. In her version, you use a fancy wire threaded .. thing and use it to sew the outsides of the bacon together, and since it’s wire you can ‘crinkle’ it up like bacon. Very cool. I, however, was not aware of this necessity, and can’t make it back to the craft store, so I used black thread to do the outside. My husband’s suggestion. About 3 stitches in, I realized what he’d done. He’d made the outsides look almost a little burnt and really crispy. For the record, he’s so smart. Even without the wire thread, though, the bacon still seems to almost wrinkle a little bit, so it looks very good, I think!


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