C is for cookie

Cookie is definitely a word that Keeley has figured out in the last couple of weeks. I don’t give her a lot of them, but I don’t usually turn her down, either. Several times when daddy has come home, they have had cookies and milk. For the record, she’s a ‘break it apart, eat the center and leave the cookie’¬† oreo eater. Lucky for her, she has a dad that’s a cookie vacuum cleaner! She also ate the frosting off of the sugar cookies I made, but when she realized she wasn’t getting any more, she ate the cookie too. (Thank GOD she is good like this!) Anyway, my felt food is progressing a little slowly, but I think roughly 2 items per day isn’t bad, and I should be able to make her a reasonable ‘stash’ by Christmas, especially if my husband is home a little more in the afternoons and can either help me — by untangling embroidery floss that my girl tangled or being my ‘eyes’ on occasion. He is totally awesome at figuring out stitches by looking at pictures and I have to be SHOWN several times before I can get it. My husband is¬†awesome!


Notice the sprinkles on the green cookie, you probably can’t see them on the red one, but they are there. This stuff is really not that hard, if you can cross stitch, or even sew on a button, you can make some felt food! What did your kids enjoy playing with the most, or what is your favorite? I plan on doing some bacon to go with the eggs, maybe some fruits and more veggies. The smaller something is, the harder it is to do, so cherries or grapes would kill my eyes, but I’m all for what you guys want to see! Give me some ideas!

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