Emergency Diaper School of Cloth Week 1

Have you ever been stuck somewhere without a diaper? What did you do? I have DIY Emergency Diaper help, whether you normally use disposables or cloth diapers. I’m joining in with the School of Cloth for Week 1. If you would like to link up, please click HERE.

Emergency Diaper

First– if you use disposable diapers and you’re currently searching because you’re without diapers and have no idea what you’re going to do, calm down. Check your car/house for anything absorbent and fairly flat. Disposable breast pads, maxi pads, panty liners will all work in a pinch. So will their cloth counterparts if you happen to have them. Check your diaper bag or car for extra onesies, t-shirts, sweatpants, receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc.

Fold absorbent layers into a triangle if large or a rectangle if all you have is something small, and do your best to secure it with a pair of pants or larger piece of cloth until you can get home or purchase additional diapers. If you have no extra pants, use something absorbent and poke holes in a plastic grocery bag for baby’s feet and secure loosely around baby’s waist. Remember, bags are not toys and should be disposed of properly- do not leave baby unattended with a plastic bag.

Free Diapers

To find out about a loan of cloth diapers to assist you because of low income, please click the link for Giving Diapers Giving Hope here for more information and to apply. There are several cloth diaper charities that would be willing to help you if GDGH is at capacity. Demand is strong, and unfortunately, resources are low due to lack of publicity
If however, you’re here because you use cloth diapers and are looking for an emergency diaper, then please do as stated above.

Add those absorbent materials to a non-dirty diaper and breathe a sigh of relief. Example: You have a wet pocket diaper, and baby is covered in a mess in another diaper. Remove wet inserts, put the extra materials on top of the pocket inner and use it as if it is a cover! Use spare pants or a onesie to hold material in place if you have no cover. Check out a couple of years ago when I honestly, truly, used sweatpants as a diaper! Open now or Pin for later!

Emergency Diaper

Emergency Diaper Kit

If you’re here to put together an emergency diaper kit, great! Pick a diaper you don’t LOVE, or invest in a couple of inexpensive ones to for your emergency diaper kit. Add a couple of flat diapers, flour sack towels, old wash cloths or hand towels for inserts. Add disposable wipes, wipe solution or a bottle of water to moisten cloth wipes too. Leave this kit in your bug out bag, a diaper bag that STAYS in the car, or in a wetbag. Use a spare wetbag or a couple of grocery bags to serve as a container for the kit OR smell containment.

Whatever your situation, I hope that you never again find yourself without that all important back up for your car, emergency kit, or home!

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