1. Awesome find with those character brushes and toothpaste; I bet you made some kids very happy!

    We’re going to have to check out many of those money and coin books; that is one area I found my 8 year old is lacking. We have yet to have a great math book that really covers that area. I decided it will be the focus of our summer once we finish up this year’s math book.

  2. The act of kindness thing… one of the things my program has done each year is a canned food drive in March or April… ‘people are hungry all year’. It gets the kids thinking and talking and is a good way to start them toward being mindful of how fortunate they really are.

    Your comments about leap year made me think of a homeschooling family I’ve known online for many years. You can find them linked on my blog, “Homeschool Girls” on the right sidebar.

    Keilee was 8 or 9 when I started following the blog, we’ve exchanged packages of this and that over the years. I’m proud to say I gave her a start on knitting.

    Anyway, I said all that to say this… Keilee has her own YouTube channel, Bringing Smart Back. She just did a video about leap year/leap day.

    The videos are cute, she’s adorable and full of personality and I know that homeschooling has played a big part in her development.

    Go check them out. 🙂

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