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  1. I understand what you’re talking about. For me, the most important thing while the kids were babies was a shower. I had to have a shower every day.
    It meant getting up super super early usually, but I felt so much better after the shower that it was worth it. And I usually caught a quick nap later.

    But I don’t think I can understand to the degree that you can… I had two babies. Six years apart. Your workload is tremendous, and you’re doing the most important job there is. So add to your list ‘permission’.

    To be tired. To be crabby. To feel wiped out and despairing of ever seeing ‘normal’ again.
    Permission to feel however you feel. There isn’t anything wrong with doing so.

    Regarding anxiety. I have it, too. And like you, did not medicate while nursing. I think that’s a smart choice. But it’s hard. Anxiety is not a rational thing, so rational people don’t understand what it’s like. So give yourself permission to be anxious, too. It’s not fun, but it’s also not your fault.

    Happy New Year.

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