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  1. I think a color and fashion lesson is an awesome idea! You might want to cover “timeless” fashion too – modesty and classic looks as opposed to skin and fads. My granddaughter is very “stylish” right now, but I look at the gauges in her ears and the heavy, heavy make up and the ripped jeans that look like panty hose with runs in them and hope that she’ll be able to find a job in the future. She wants to pierce everything but has an aversion to tattoos (thank goodness). Her constantly-changing haircolor is interesting – currently a bright robin’s egg blue – but her natural hair is so much prettier. I’m a good granny – I don’t say anything and when I think it looks nice, I tell her, but I truly hope this is a passing fad. The ears, unfortunately, will need surgery if she decides to get rid of the gauges. So, yes! I’m totally in favor of fashion as something to be taught. It might help avoid some of the extremes, but it might also help them to feel more confident in their appearances and not like a fish out of water (like I do much of the time).

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