1. I wish I knew what to tell you. I was a fairly introverted mom, but I only had the one kid, we lived in the middle of nowhere and my social life pretty much consisted of work and home. I don’t know how I would have dealt with your situation. My mom was much more in your shoes. Three kids 16 months apart, then more a bit more spaced out until there were six of us. I was the oldest and when she needed a break, I was put in charge. That started when I was about 10, though I was changing baby diapers, washing dishes and picking up after the other kids when I was about 7-8. We all had to go to be EARLY and there was no arguing about it. If we weren’t sleepy, we could read in bed, but we were not to leave our rooms. That gave her a little alone time to paint or sew or just watch TV unbothered. My dad wasn’t around much in those days (he was a radio reporter and general manager and worked odd hours), but he backed her up 100%.

  2. I don’t have advice, either. I can sympathize to an extent, but I have not been there. It sounds very overwhelming, and with the added physical and mental things that go on while you’re pregnant, even more difficult.

    For awhile, maybe a year or so, we had the kids head for their rooms at 8:30 PM (we go to bed at 9) so we could have half an hour of time for the two of us in the living room. It didn’t work out all that well, I didn’t like doing it and we stopped.

    Of course now we don’t HAVE any kids around and there’s a lot of quiet. I don’t like that either. 🙂

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