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I don’t have any awesome pictures this week, we did a lot more reading and other activities, not much to actually capture.


The kids spent most of the weekend outside. We have had unseasonably warm weather this week (unlike last week, which was unseasonably cold, go figure.) Either way, they’ve enjoyed their freedom in the afternoons to play, play, play. Their dad put up a tire swing, straightened up an old swing set the church had removed (we took the good timbers and he built on to it.) They played out in the garage doing a lot of various things, and he’s really good about involving them, asking them questions, and pushing their knowledge, so I have no doubt they learned the whole time he was staining the entertainment center he’s working on for us.


On Sunday we arranged for a playdate of sorts with one of the girls in church. An couple with grown kids takes these kids to SS, church, and then to McDonald’s afterward–it’s probably the most adult contact they get other than public school, as their home life isn’t the best. Anyway, she’s the only girl, so we went to the restaurant, too, and the kids played.


We also signed the oldest up for t-ball for the spring. She wanted to sign up for football in the fall, but I guess that’s been canned in favor of soccer being ‘more safe’… so they aren’t doing football anymore. So she’ll either do soccer or revert back to swimming.

Monday January 19, 2015


We played their new ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’ game, and took the time to count out loud for the 3 year old, reminding the 6 year old what rules meant, etc. Then we read the book along with the game. (both items came from their happy meals.)

Reading  out loud:

Questions kids ask about the human body by Grolier Limited
I wonder why I blink and other questions kids as about my body by Brigid Avison

They covered everything from gigantism to why you hiccup. These were exceptionally long books and I was ready to be done by that point, but we pressed on…

Super fast science experiment: Try talking with your finger on your tongue.
3 year old:

Worked on letter F: discussed things that started with the letter (also discussed G) and did worksheets – see below

6 year old:

We worked together and orally finished the Florence Nightingale primer book. I finally realized that I was correct, the attempting to spell and write everything required was just too much for her, she knew the answers, but trying to painstakingly copy or ask every word’s spelling was overwhelming. I didn’t see the point in carrying it over into another week when she just doesn’t have the fundamentals down yet. She still understood it all, even if she couldn’t write it yet!

Worked on letters F and G, discussed things that started with the letter and did worksheets from education.com and Little Learning Lovies, plus Frugal homeschool families (Frozen pack)




Super fast science experiment: Take each person’s temperature with a forehead thermometer.
We discussed a normal temperature and why they chose the ‘colors’ for the forehead thermometer (green is okay, red is bad) and how to feel better if you are sick (rest, doctor).
Made a birthday card and a get well card for relatives.

3 year old:

Worked on counting down to 10 through fingerplays and songs (10 in a bed, etc) also parts of body through songs (little tommy thumb, where is thumbkin)

6 year old:

Independent reading: The Panda Puzzle (A-Z Mystery) by Ron Roy




We all went to the library for story time. They listened to several stories and then picked out books to bring home.
We worked on finger plays and counting down from 20 to 0.

3 year old:

The Gift of the Snowflake by McMullen
Always Tell the Truth by Disney

6 year old:

Played with Legos
Played bunny math on the tablet (addition)
Chapter/independent reading:
Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth
Geronimo Stilton singing sensation


Thursday January 22, 2015

We worked on counting down from 25 together, did fingerplays and songs relating to topic (I’m a teapot, this is the way we brush our teeth).
Talked about where organs are in your body and showed outline ‘flashcards’ from the ‘Thematic Unit’ book I got from the library.
Viewed animaniacs ‘parts of the brain’.
We discussed doctors, nurses, special types of doctors, what tools they use, what clothes they wear, how they diagnose what’s wrong, where they work, etc.
We discussed healthy choices, things that keep our body healthy (Sleep, nutritious food, washing hands, exercise etc.)
We discussed how all people are the same, have the same organs (except reproductive are different), no matter what their outsides look like, and showed blank body outlines for examples, babies have organs, etc.

Read topical books together:

The Tooth Book by LeSieg
I know why I brush my teeth by Rowan
It’s not easy being big by St. Pierre
The Ear Book by Perkins
Gerald McBoing Boing by Dr. Seuss
The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body by Cole – This is a unit study in one book, crazy how much information this book contains!

3 year old:

Letter G worksheets

I gave her an oral quiz on what we’d learned so far in the topic (books we’d read, etc) and she did really well.
I had her point to the part of the body several organs or body parts were in and she did really well.
Watched an episode of Doc McStuffins and identified tools.


6 year old:

F and G worksheets (carried over for practice)
Lego building, block building, role playing
Keeley helped to read: Oh say can you say by Dr. Seuss
Minecraft addition worksheet of double digit numbers (carried over to 100’s level) from here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/192036371587148375/

Independent reading:

Usborne Flap books: First Picture Spanish (she guessed what the words meant and used the flaps to see if she was right)
The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip by Cole


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  1. Oh my keeping a little one busy while the others are learning sounds like a challenge. You had a very productive week. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

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